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Up to 3 hours

Unlimited online flight change or refund to your WIZZ Account, up to 3 hours before the start of your journey.

Flight change

Flight change

Change the date, time and route of your flight online.No change fee will be charged, only the difference in fare and baggage fees.

Refund to wizz account

Refund to WIZZ Account

Cancel your flight and get a refund to your WIZZ Account.

Take the flight you need, when you need it! WIZZ Flex lets you make unlimited flight changes online for just [wizzflex location=AllNotShown] per flight and per passenger, without paying a flight change fee. Flights may also be cancelled and refunded to your WIZZ Account up to 3 hours before your journey. Please see our terms and conditions concerning flight refunds.

How does it work?

1.Changing Your Flight

a) If you have added WIZZ Flex to your booking, the date, time or route of flights included in that booking may be changed up to 3 hours prior to your scheduled departure time. There is no charge for this service, only the differences in fares for flights and baggage fees need to be paid. 

b) WIZZ Flex does not cover the fee payable for passenger name changes or for changes to group bookings. 

c) Please note that changing flights will require you to check-in to your new flight.

2. Cancelling Your Flight and Requesting Refunds 

a) With WIZZ Flex added to your booking you may cancel flights included in that booking up to 3 hours before the scheduled departure time of your outbound flight. The purchase price for the cancelled flight will be credited to your WIZZ Account. For bookings which included a WIZZ Discount Club membership or Privilege Pass membership, the price of the membership will not be refunded. The memberships remain valid in accordance with their respective T&Cs. 

b) The fee paid for the addition of WIZZ Flex in any booking is non-refundable. 

c) WIZZ Flex does not apply to any service purchased from a third party in connection with the flight you wish to cancel (including, but not limited to, car rental fees and insurance fees). Please check the refund policies of third parties. 

d) Credit will be added to your WIZZ Account for all flights and all passengers included in the booking with WIZZ Flex. Requests for cancellations and refunds will apply to all flights and all passengers included in the booking.

e) Refunds will be credited to WIZZ Accounts. Credit received following flight cancellation is valid for 90 days from the date of refund. Please note that the date of any new flights booked may be later than 90 days.

How to get WIZZ Flex?

You can buy WIZZ Flex for all new flight bookings with one click. Just add the WIZZ Flex option during the booking process and you are done.