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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

WIZZ has partnered with award winning retail technology partner, InterLnkd, to build our guests personalised, relevant and intelligent curations to match bookings made. The curations span Fashion, Beauty and Retail products and are sent to our guests in the advance of the departure date. The curation emails act as a window to WIZZ Shop&Fly where you can search fashion, beauty and retail products from over 20,000 brands.

Yes, on each Curation Email is an Unsubscribe option that will result in no further curations being sent for that specific booking. Please note that an Unsubscribe from the Curation Emails, will not remove you from other WIZZ marketing emails, WIZZ service emails or Curation Emails for other and future bookings.

WIZZ Shop&Fly is a referral marketplace to your favourite brands. Purchases are made on the retailer websites and so you can put any delivery address preferred.

I have an enquiry, an issue, or a product returns question with my purchase, who do I go to?

Your contract of purchase is with the retailer itself, not with WIZZ or InterLnkd. Any concerns on product issues, returns or enquiries about a product should be made to the retailer and not to WIZZ or InterLnkd.

No. WIZZ Shop&Fly uses live product and price feeds from the retailers. Price points are pulled from the retailer with no further mark up.

WIZZ Shop&Fly uses live pricing at time of reviewing products. Sometimes product pricing can change during the time between reviewing the product and being referred to the retailer site. The pricing on the retailer site is final.

Full detail of data management on WIZZ Shop&Fly can be seen in the Privacy Policy on WIZZ Shop&Fly.

WIZZ Shop&Fly is currently available for purchases ex United Kingdom only with a view to be rolled out network-wide in due course.