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At WIZZ we believe that every trip you take, every encounter and experience you have, leaves its mark and builds the person you are. As the airline that has one of the most unique destination networks in Europe, we are here to take you to these places - so you can fly away from boredom, fill up on experiences, live through moments and make new memories.

How it All Started

From our first flight in 2004, to celebrating a remarkable milestone of 200 million passengers carried in 2019, our passion to make flying affordable to everyone, everywhere, is what fuels us to keep soaring higher. Looking ahead, only the sky is our limit.

Wizz Air spreads its wings

The plan to launch Wizz Air began in June 2003 when six people with a wide range of airline expertise and successful track records teamed up with József Váradi, the Company’s Chief Executive Officer. In just three months, Wizz Air was a registered company ready to fly.

Our first flight

Our first flight took off on the 19th of May 2004 from Katowice to London Luton.

5 million passengers carried
10 million passengers carried
Celebrating our first decade

In the year of our 10th birthday, we received the delivery of our 50th Airbus A320 and we celebrated carrying 15 million passengers.

Our Way of Business

As an ultra-low cost business, our work is centred around no-frills travel available for everyone, everywhere at the lowest price possible, creating equal value for all passengers while remaining conscious of the environmental responsibility we hold.

How can we offer the best fares to awesome destinations?

  • Direct Booking

    Desktop or app, the choice is yours

  • Our crew

    Providing impeccable service and safe travel

  • No business class

    No business class

  • Pay for what matters

    We are ultra-low cost so you pay only for what you add

  • Ticketless travel

    Less paper, less hassle

  • Primary & Secondary airports

    Offering you the choice to choose

  • No connecting flights

    A clever mix of airport for more reach

  • Young & efficient fleet

    Lower fuel consumption, lower CO2 intensity

This is WIZZ

For many people in our core markets, WIZZ was the brand that brought them their first ever flight. We take pride in this and built a successful business around this simple mission - offering more affordable travel opportunities to discover Europe and beyond.

We challenge ourselves daily to be the most loved low cost airline. Some might say that’s ambitious, but in 19 years we’ve defied the odds, becoming Europe’s fastest growing and most environmentally sustainable airline globally.

Continuing to connect you to the experiences, places and people that matter the most at the best price, is at the heart of the WIZZ brand.

Our values


We collaborate together to achieve our goals.


We are an optimistic, happy, inspired and inspiring team.


We have an entrepreneurial ‘can do’ attitude: we take individual & collective ownership and are accountable for everything we do.


We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards of business ethics in everything we do.


We strive to be the greenest choice of air travel and work hard on continuously decreasing our environmental footprint.
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Meet Our Crew

At WIZZ safety and security is our crew’s number one priority. Our cabin crew, pilots and ground staff put their heart into the work that they do, ensuring you have a safe and enjoyable journey, all while providing impeccable and personal service every step of the way.

It takes a whole village to run a successful airline, and our committed team at WIZZ HQ work together to make sure we fulfil our promises to you all while staying true to our core values.

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Where We Fly

aircraft with an average
age of less than 4.2 years
aviation professionals
airports in 54 countries

Meet Our Fleet

We operate a fleet of more than 206 ultramodern Airbus A320 family aircraft. Young and modern fleet played a key role in us being named among the top ten safest low cost carriers of 2019. Our Airbus A321neo aircraft’s new generation engines offer significant environmental benefits making us the airline with the smallest environmental footprint per passenger.

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Airbus A 320-200
Max cruise speed 903km/h
Economical cruise speed 840km/h
Wingspan 35.08m (117ft 5in)
Seat capacity 180/186

Flight crew 2 Cabin crew 4
Airbus A321ceo
Max cruise speed 903km/h
Economical cruise speed 840km/h
Wingspan 35.08m (117ft 5in)
Seat capacity 230

Flight crew 2 Cabin crew 5
Airbus A321neo
Max cruise speed 903km/h
Economical cruise speed 840km/h
Wingspan 35.08m (117ft 5in)
Seat capacity 239

Flight crew 2 Cabin crew 5

Our WIZZ Travellers

With over 950 routes across Europe and beyond, we welcome travellers from all walks of life with the desire to travel through the sky their way. Some like to travel light while others need to bring more, whatever way you travel, there is always an affordable option on board.

Join the millions of WIZZ travellers to experience Europe and beyond.


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