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WIZZ for families


You can enjoy huge savings as a family with a WIZZ Discount Club membership. By purchasing a Group membership, up to 5 people can benefit from large discounts. When you book just one trip for your family with a club membership, you will have already saved more than the cost of the annual membership fee.

If you are travelling with a child younger than 2, you can be amongst the first to board the plane, as we offer your family FREE Priority Boarding (maximum 2 adults and an unlimited number of children in the same booking as the infant). Travelling with a baby also allows your party to carry an extra personal item with you on board, like a laptop or handbag.

As babies must sit in an adult’s lap on the plane, each infant on board must be accompanied by an adult. Furthermore, each infant travelling in a group enjoying Priority Boarding allows early boarding for 2 adults in that party. This means that a family with 2 infants in their party could include 4 adults in their Priority Boarding group, and so on. This proportion of 1 baby/2 adults in a reservation travelling together is only limited by the allowed number of children under 2 allowed on the plane.

Hire a car at great rates to get around your destination with ease!

  • choose the best from hundreds of rental companies’ offers
  • get 5% WIZZ Credit back when you book through us
  • make sure that you book through our site and that you are logged in with your WIZZ Account