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Fare Lock


Fare Lock


Fare Lock gives the opportunity to hold a selected fare for a period of 48 hours

Fare Lock 7 days before departure


Available for bookings created more than seven days prior to departure date




You can easily lock a fare without adding any passenger names.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Fare Lock service is available online at and on the mobile app during booking and gives you the opportunity to hold a selected fare for a period of 48 hours for a fee.

You can finalise your booking online at or in the mobile app within 48 hours of locking the fare, by adding all passenger names and paying the outstanding amount.

You can pay for your booking by credit card and/or using credit from your WIZZ account.


No, the Fare Lock service cannot be used together with promotional prices or special offers.


Yes, the Fare Lock fee is refunded in case your flight is cancelled by Wizz Air.


If the schedule of the flight you selected, and for which you secured the fare, is changed within the fare lock hold period, you may either accept this change and can continue the booking at the secured fare, or you may request a refund of the Fare Lock fee online.

Fare Lock is available for bookings made more than seven days prior to the departure date. If you select a return flight, the service is available for booking more than seven days before the date of your first flight.