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Topic 1. Culture and heritage

A passenger travelling with us will have a CO2 footprint of only 57.2 grams per kilometre on average (pre-COVID). If every airline would be as efficient as us, European CO2 emissions from aviation would reduce by 34% overnight.

This comparison is based on the 2019 statistics from The International Council on Clean Transportation, looking at the difference between the European Union’s average CO2 per passenger kilometre.


We don’t fly half-empty planes to avoid unnecessary pollution.

Pre-COVID, 94% of our seats were occupied on average. In comparison, the industry average in the same period was between 70-85%, and sadly, empty seats still have a CO2 footprint.


We don’t have business class seating, another example of needless emissions.

Leaving seats empty to make room for somebody to spread out and read the newspaper more comfortably just doesn’t make sense.

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We only fly direct routes. One take-off, one landing, no connecting flights, no extra fuel-burn.

Because as you might have heard, 15-20% of the fuel consumption of the average short-haul flight happens during take-off and landing.


We use world-class engines and aircraft, crucial for low emissions.

The Airbus A320neo family engines are the most efficient in the industry, because they can produce a greater amount of thrust while consuming the same amount of fuel, ensuring the lowest fuel consumption when compared to other engines used in commercial aircraft


We have the youngest, most modern fleet among European competitor airlines with 50+ aircraft.

We mostly fly Airbus A321neos, and the average age of our fleet is currently five years. That’s really unparalleled among major airlines, and leads to less emissions.


On top of all this, none of our routes have a direct train alternative under four hours.

Find out more about our sustainability initiatives here