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We believe that travel provides opportunities that can make life and the world around us better

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We are committed

to making sure that everyone, everywhere can benefit from travel at the lowest prices, while keeping in mind the social, economic and environmental impact of our operations. Our strategy is built on low fares and a diverse network, supported by efficient and sustainable operations and high-quality customer service.

new aircraft
average age of our fleet
professionals working for you
reduction of CO2 emissions per passenger by 2030
making a direct impact on the UN’s SDGs
improvement on fuel efficiency each year vs A320ceo
running events across Europe
Point to point
network instead of a hub system
new aircraft
average age of our fleet
professionals working for you
reduction of CO2 emissions per passenger by 2030
making a direct impact on the UN’s SDGs
improvement on fuel efficiency each year vs A320ceo
running events across Europe
Point to point
network instead of a hub system

As one of the fastest growing airlines,

our ultra-low-cost business model means that we are able to offer the lowest fares to our customers and make flying affordable for more people than ever before. At the same time, we are also conscious of the many economic, social and environmental developments impacting our communities and have a number of initiatives, which shows how WIZZ Cares is at the heart of our sustainability efforts.

Wizz Air’s carbon emission

Financial year 2013
Financial year 2014
Financial year 2015
Financial year 2016
Financial year 2017
Financial year 2018
Financial year 2019

As a result of the numerous fuel-saving initiatives and constant modernisation of our technology, we are proud to have one of the lowest emission rates in the European aviation industry. In the 2019 Financial Year, carbon emission per passenger kilometre were 58.5 grams, down from 59.9 which is almost half the industry average. Read more in our annual report.


We want to be the greenest choice for air travel.

We strive to be the greenest choice in air travel and work hard on continuously decreasing our environmental footprint. Our ultra-low cost model utilises the most efficient Airbus aircraft connecting destinations in a point-to-point network with high aircraft utilisation. One of the ways we can reduce each passenger’s environmental footprint is by ensuring that we fly our aircraft with as many passengers on board as possible, thus WIZZ aircraft currently have the highest seat density among all Airbus 320 family operators.


less fuel burn vs A320ceo
less CO2 emissions vs A320ceo
flying further vs A320ceo
lower noise vs A320ceo
lower unit costs vs A320ceo


Paperless Cockpit

We use tablets in our cockpits, saving over
25,000 printed pages in each aircraft

Washing planes twice per year

We wash our aircraft every 6 months – the cleaner they are
the less drag they have, and therefore less fuel is needed. This small action
contributes to a 02-0.5% emission and fuel savings.

Lighter seats

Continuously investing in newer, lighter seats

Washing engines more often
than required by regulation

Washing our engines more frequently than required helps
improve efficiency and reduce long-term maintenance costs

Single engine taxiing after landing

Saving fuel by turning off one of the engines after arrival

Lowest CO2 emissions per passenger in the industry

Since 2012, we have implemented several projects including the improvement of
our flying speed and approach and optimised our network which add up to  
nearly 100,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year (3% per aircraft)

Reducing noise pollution

Vortex generators reduce noise levels


From 2020, our Airbus321neo
aircraft will have new brakes
which are 20 kg lighter


These amazing inventions can reduce fuel burn on a longer route  
by 4% and reduce our CO2 emissions by 800 tonnes/year/plane.  
100% of our fleet will be equipped with sharklets by 2024.

On-board magazine

Printed from lightweight recycled paper

Using GPU instead of APU - savings of 200 kg per hour

When available, we use electricity from the ground (GPU) to power our aircraft
during turnaround at our destinations, which can save 200 kg of fuel per hour


We aspire to be the enabler of a future where everyone
has the opportunity to live up to their full potential.

Our people pillar consists of two parts – customers and employees. We believe in a future where everyone has the opportunity to live up to their full potential and we work hard to develop our services to enhance our customer experience and to empower our people and support the communities we serve. We have operations at 147 airports in 44 countries and it is our aim to build active relationships with the communities in each of our markets. During 2019, we once again devoted ourselves to local community projects across our markets, an initiative which fosters a stronger bond between our employees and the communities in which we operate.


Employee satisfaction

Our latest Employee Feedback Survey showed that our employees are highly engaged and that Wizz Air is their employer of choice. The general satisfaction within the WIZZ Team was 79%, which is 19% higher than the average engagement rate measured in Europe. Overall, 89% of the WIZZ Team is optimistic about the future of our company.

Wizz Air Pilot Academy

We run our own Pilot Academy which provides financial support, including partial sponsorship, to motivated cadets during their initial training. Pilot Academy cadets who successfully graduate from the programme can begin their employment at Wizz Air as Pilot Trainees.

Diverse team

We recruited 1,200 new employees in the 2019 financial year – which is equivalent to the impressive figure of 3.3 new colleagues joining the company daily.

Equality in the workplace

There is no gender pay gap across our business and the overall male to female ratio is balanced, with 51% female and 49% male employees.

Fatigue management

We continuously monitor and assess the risk of fatigue to guarantee safe flight operations. Our Crew Management system incorporates fatigue-related information into its decision-making to improve the identification of fatigue risk.

Our customers

We are committed to providing a high-level of satisfaction and effective services for our customers along the entire journey. Our teams are working hard on improving customer communication during disruptions and to build innovative thinking across the business while always being open to feedback.

Mobility and active lifestyle

As a company, we keep ourselves lean and efficient – and we strive to give people across our network the chance to do the same. Because we believe that, just like affordable travel, a healthy and active lifestyle should be available to everyone. We are proud to sponsor several Central and Eastern European running events, including the Budapest Half Marathon, our flagship event and races in Cluj-Napoca, Sofia, Skopje, Kyiv and Katowice.

Customer satisfaction

We are aware of the great extent that disruptions can have an impact on our customers’ satisfaction, therefore we are constantly updating our tools in order to inform passengers and local ground handling partners in the most efficient way. We now have push notifications and flight status updates in the WIZZ App, we have improved the handling of lost baggage, as well as introduced a new automated system for hotel and transport arrangements for passengers who have to stay overnight due to flight cancellations

WIZZ Youth Challenge

Our annual case study competition is aimed at university students – they develop a project or an idea in a real business environment. The airline supports the personal development of young graduates all across Europe.

Personalisation & online experience

We are constantly working on improving the online experience on and our apps to make them more personalised and easy to use. We’re updating our search function where it will be possible to save destinations, make express bookings and receive recommendations which will make it even easier to find, book and travel to dream destinations with us.

Ground handling

Our ground handling partners are a large part and a contributor to the success of the ULCC ecosystem and we are maintaining an open dialogue with all our local partners to improve customer service and communication.


We strive to be an economy booster
for WIZZ destinations.

Affordable air travel can improve the lives of many travellers, but it’s easy to forget how it can impact a city. Few things are as good for a city’s economy as direct air links – particularly when those air links are at Wizz Air’s lowest fares. As more and more people have access to affordable air travel, more travellers boost the local economy of the places they visit.

ACI guidelines

According to estimates, 750 on-site jobs need to be created for every 1 million passengers carried per year. Based on this calculation, we supported the creation of 26,000 local jobs in the financial year 2019, carrying 34.6 million passengers on our route network.

Boosting traffic and tourism

Across our network, there are several locations where no regular air services existed before our arrival, or where we made a significant difference in traffic numbers. After our Varna base opened in 2017, the airport saw a double-figure rise in passenger traffic. In North Macedonia, passenger numbers have trebled in the last 10 years, and in Kutaisi the airport’s traffic numbers have more than doubled with more than 75% of passengers served by us.

ULCC model

Due to our business model, we outsource many supporting tasks at all levels of the organisation to local, external partners, working in close collaboration with over 5,000 contracted service providers across our network.

Protection of honest and fair business

We have implemented internal procedures and measures designed to ensure compliance with all relevant anti-corruption regulations. Our Anti -Corruption Policy sets out the principles, prohibitions and practical guidelines relating to bribery or corrupt practices, for which there is zero tolerance. These policies are part of the mandatory annual training for all WIZZ employees, ensuring that all employees are up-to-date.