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Changing your reservation


Change the date, the time or the route


Modify the passengers in the reservation


Change or purchase additional services even after your online check-in!


Changes to the reservation must be completed up to 3 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of the flight. Please note that the change will be considered completed once the payment (if applicable) is received. Please note that only credit card payment is possible.

The following modifications are possible:

a. In case of one-way reservations:

i. The date, time and destination of the booked flight can be changed a maximum of 3 hours before the scheduled departure time of the flight. (The change must be completed up to 3 hours before the scheduled departure time of the flight.)

b. In case of two-way reservations:

i. If the reservation includes a return flight, the destinations must be changed in both cases, for both the original flight and the return flight. The first flight's origin airport cannot be different from the return flight's destination airport, likewise the first flight's destination cannot be different from the return flight's origin airport. (E.g. A reservation for Budapest – London Luton – Budapest can be changed to Warsaw – Barcelona – Warsaw, but not to Budapest – London Luton – Warsaw.)

ii. If the first flight has already departed, only the date and time of the return flight can be amended.

c. Process of modifying reservations that include more than one passenger (no group reservations, 2-10 people)

  1. In order to change the flight, please log into your Wizz Account
  2. Select the reservation that you wish to modify
  3. Select the passengers for whom the changes will apply (in case you wish to make the same modification for all passengers, you can select all passengers in the same process)
  4. Provide the details (date, time and route) of the new flight(s) for which you want to change the original flight(s).
  5. Confirm the change and settle payment for fare difference and flight change fees if applicable
  6. Please note that in case the original reservation was fully or partially paid by WIZZ voucher, the modifications are possible only for all passengers and all flights at the same time.

Applicable payments in case of flight change

1. Fare difference: is the difference between the ticket price of the original and the new flight selected (including all fare types, such as Basic, WIZZ GO and WIZZ Plus)

  • If the ticket price of the new flight is higher than that of the original, the ticket price difference must be paid;
  • If the new ticket prices is lower than the original, passengers do not have to pay additional fees, however the ticket price difference will not be refunded;
  • If the original and the new flights' prices are the same, the passenger does not have to pay any fare difference;

2. Flight change fee

The flight change fee is dependent on days left until departure, and is charged per passenger per flight in addition to the fare difference as per the below.

  • More than 30 days to go: 40€ per passenger per flight
  • Between 7 – 30 days to go: 45€ per passenger per flight
  • Within 7 days to go: 50€ per passenger per flight

Those passengers who have purchased WIZZ Flex during the reservation of their original flight, will not need to pay for the flight change fee.

3.Recovery of the WIZZ Discount Club benefits

The payable amount consists of the differences of the regular and WIZZ Discount Club ticket price and the regular and WIZZ Discount Club baggage fee. This fee is applicable for the passengers who are not travelling with the WIZZ Discount Club member following the flight change, therefore they will lose the WIZZ Discount Club benefits.

  • After changing the flight, the passengers must ensure that they are checked in for the new flight and have their new boarding card.
  • Services purchased from third parties during the reservation of the original flight (e.g. insurance, airport transfer) are not amended automatically during the flight change process. To change these services, please contact directly the provider offering the given services.

Please note that if a Flight change is requested via Wizz Air Call Centre, a Call Centre Transaction Fee will be charged.

It is not possible to add additional adult passengers to an existing booking, a new booking needs to be created.

It is possible to add an infant or a child to an already existing booking via the Wizz Air Call Centre only. In this case the Call Centre Transaction Fee will not be charged.