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Changing your reservation


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[flightchange location=WizzairCom] change fee
+ fare difference



[name-change location=WizzairCom] online



Change or purchase additional services even after your online check-in!


Change your flight's date, time and route for a fee, and by paying applicable fare differences up to 3 hours before your actual flight's scheduled departure time:

  • on your flight summary page
  • through travel agents
  • at the airport desks
  • via the Call Center

The flight change fee is [flightchange location=WizzairCom] per passenger per flight, depending on days left until departure, in addition to the fare difference.

  • More than 30 days to go: 30€ per passenger per flight
  • Between 7 – 30 days to go: 35€ per passenger per flight
  • Within 7 days to go: 40€ per passenger per flight

If the available fare or the applicable taxes, fees or charges are lower for the new flight, only the difference resulting from the lower taxes will be refunded.

Please note that if you request a Flight change via Wizz Air Call Center, a Call Center Transaction Fee will be charged.

If you would like to change the flight’s date, time or route for only some of the passengers in the booking, you need to contact the Call Center for assistance. In this case no Call Center Transaction Fee is charged.

Change the name of the passenger online up to 3 hours before the scheduled time of departure!

You will be required to pay a name change fee of [name-change location=WizzairCom] for each leg of your flight:


Please note that if you request a name change via the Wizz Air Call Centre the Call Centre Transaction Fee will be charged.

Name change is free of charge online if a misspelled name or a typo needs to be corrected :

  • if there are maximum 3 characters to be changed in the name added to your booking
  • if you need to extend an the abbreviated name (eg.: John T. Shmith) to a full name ( eg.: John Thomas Smith) in order to match your travel document 
  • if you need to change the gender (title) of the name added to your booking


You can only make one free name change correction in your booking.

Change or purchase additional services even after you've checked in online!

If you've added Priority Boarding to the reservation or changed your seat, please

  • reprint your boarding card

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

You can change your reservation and purchase additional services even after you've checked in online. If you purchase Priority Boarding or change your Seat Selection, please print a new boarding card or visit the check-in desk at the airport with your old boarding card, where you will receive a sticker reflecting the changes.

It's also possible to change flight dates, times, destinations and passenger names online or via the Wizz Air Call Centre up to 3 hours before the scheduled departure time for a change fee. If you changed your flight or name after you checked in online, you will need to reprint your boarding pass.

If you have bought a Plus Fare, or purchased WIZZ Flex service for your booking, you can cancel your reservation and have the price of your ticket refunded to your WIZZ Account. Read more about flight refunds here.


Correct the mistake to avoid misunderstandings at the airport. You can make the correction online via the name change option on your itinerary page. Please note that only you can only do one free name change per booking.

Only passengers who purchased a Plus Fare or WIZZ Flex service for their bookings may cancel their reservations.

Cancellations may be made up to 3 hours before the scheduled departure time of your outbound flight, and a refund of the ticket price will be made to your WIZZ Account. Please note that the purchase price of the WIZZ Flex service will be deducted from the full purchase price and cannot be refunded. If a refund to a WIZZ Account is requested, all flights for all passengers in the reservation will become invalid. The amount refunded to your WIZZ Account will be available for 3 months, and can be used to purchase Wizz Air flights and services. In the case of cancelled reservations which include the purchase of WIZZ Discount Club or Privilege Pass membership, the price of the membership will not be refunded. Even if the reservation is cancelled, the membership is valid as set in the related T&C.

Unfortunately this is not possible. You will need to create a new booking. 

You can add an infant or a child to an already existing booking.

Please contact the Wizz Air Call Centre for assistance. The Call Center Transaction Fee will not be charged.


Partial flight change is not possible online for bookings with 2 or more passengers, so please contact the Wizz Air Call Centre for assistance. No Call Center Transaction Fee will be charged. 

Additional services can be added to your booking on your Travel plan page. This is how you can reach your Travel plan page:

  • click on the Check-in and bookings button in the upper-right corner of the site
  • enter your name and your confirmation code (received via e-mail after booking)
  • press the search button
  • alternatively, sign in with your WIZZ account

WIZZ services can be purchased up to 3 hours before the departure time.

Please note, that travel insurance and bus transfer is provided by a third party, hence these services can only be purchased up to 3 days before the departure date. SMS confirmation is available if a mobile phone number was provided at the time of booking.