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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Wizz Air does not operate connecting flights but helps the customers to benefit from the extensive WIZZ network. We show you the destinations and guide you through the booking process, all you need to do is to plan your next adventure and arrange your trip by booking two flights via an intermediary airport within our network.

MIX & MATCH Flights recommendations are presented exclusively on Wizz Air website. You can book a MIX & MATCH Flight by going to, selecting the preferred route and dates in the booking search box (MIX & MATCH Flights are marked with +1, e.g., Tallin +1), and following further instructions. Please note that only a full round trip can be booked via MIX & MATCH Flights recommendations.

First, you would have to book the first round trip from your departure airport to the intermediary airport and back. After completing and paying the first booking, you would be directed to a page where you can complete the second booking – a round trip from intermediary airport to your final destination and back.

The usual cancellation policy applies to each booking made via MIX & MATCH. Once a round trip is booked/paid, it cannot be cancelled for free even if the next round trip is not finalized. Each booking is independent.

For example, if you wish to do a round trip from Gran Canaria to Prague via Rome, you will have to complete a Gran Canaria-Rome-Gran Canaria booking first. After, you will be able to create and pay a Rome-Prague-Rome booking.

Please note that two separate round-trip bookings will be generated, and you will receive two separate confirmation codes and emails.

No, only selected routes are offered via MIX & MATCH. Please check all currently available MIX & MATCH Flights in the Search box at (MIX & MATCH recommendations are marked with “[destination name] +1”).

Currently, the MIX & MATCH Flights can be purchased with a bank card payment only. When creating a booking, you would have to make two separate payments, one for each round trip.

MIX & MATCH Flights are only available when optimal time to complete all airport check-in and security procedures is provided. At least 3 hours are counted in for the transfer. Please note that we do not accept any responsibility or liability if you do not present yourself in due time for check-in/boarding your next flight.

You should check in for each flight leg and booking separately within the usual timeframe. You can check in online at least 30 days/24 hours before the scheduled departure time and up to 3 hours before the scheduled time of departure. Alternatively, check-in at the airport is possible for an extra fee, unless airport check-in service was purchased prior. Please note that the online check-in will open at different times for each flight. For more information: Check-in and boarding.

You should perform online check-in for both flights and bookings within the respective check-in opening and closing times. Please note that some airports do not support online check-in and do not issue electronic boarding cards. In this case, you should visit the check-in desk at the respective airport (departure or intermediary) for free check-in. For more information and list of airports with free check-in: Check-in and boarding.

Yes, you should follow the usual check-in and check-out procedures for each of the two flights and bookings. In other words, you will have to check in, drop off your checked-in baggage, pass through security and passport control in the departure airport, and then check out and collect your checked-in luggage in the intermediary airport. After that, you will have to do the same procedure in the intermediary and arrival airport.

If you travel with checked-in luggage, you will have to check in your baggage at each airport (departure and intermediary point). Upon arrival at the intermediary airport, please proceed to baggage reclaim area, collect your bags, leave the transit zone, check in your bags to the next flight at Wizz Air check-in desk, and proceed to security and passport control again to board your next flight.

Yes, in the intermediary airport you would have to exit the transit zone fully and pass through the security and passport control checks again to board your next flight. Please note that if due to security or passport checks and delays you could not board any of the flights, Wizz Air will not refund, compensate, or rebook missed flights, including the onward ones.

At the intermediary airport, you would have to undergo the usual check-out and check-in procedures, including security and passport control. It is passenger’s responsibility to have all the necessary documents, including those COVID-19-related, that are required by the national authorities in both intermediary and destination countries. Please note that you might need some special documents or visas allowing you to enter the intermediary country (might be different from transfer or transit documents). Please consult with the authorities or any official sources before travelling. Have the documents prepared before boarding, as they might be checked at the airport.

Please note that Wizz Air does not arrange any special procedures for passengers of MIX & MATCH Flights and requires a valid travel document and a boarding card for all the passengers, including children and infants for both intermediary and destination countries.

No, Wizz Air does not provide flexible flights. MIX & MATCH Flights are suggested to you, considering optimal time to complete all airport check-in and security procedures (at least 3 hours). Please note that if due to security or passport checks and delays you could not board one of the flights, Wizz Air will not refund, compensate, or rebook missed flights, including the onward ones.

Yes, Wizz Discount Club benefits are available for the MIX & MATCH Flights.

Yes, you can request special assistance for both flights during the booking creation or later in your WIZZ Account at least 48 hours before the flight departure. Note that you need to request special assistance for each flight separately. Please contact the local Special Assistance Call Centre after to confirm the assistance request. For more information: Special assistance for disrupted flights and passengers with disabilities.

Yes, the two bookings are independent. In case you fail to board the flight from your departure to the intermediary airport, you can still board the flight from the intermediary airport to the destination one.