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Special assistance



If you require special assistance

you need to inform Wizz Air

at least 48 hours before the

scheduled departure time.


In line with Regulation (EC) No 1107/2006, our partners provide a wide range of facilities for disabled and reduced mobility passengers at airports. Passengers are considered disabled when their physical, medical or mental condition requires individual attention (on embarking and disembarking, during flight, in an emergency evacuation, during ground handling) that is not normally extended to other passengers.

Disabled passengers are passengers who

  • use wheelchairs
  • live with visual or hearing impairments
  • travel with guide dogs

Passengers with special needs are considered those who are

  • pregnant
  • travelling with a broken leg
  • travelling with mobility equipment
  • are affected by a contagious disease
  • using medicine or medical equipment
  • in need of extra oxygen for medical reasons

If you require special assistance, please call your local Special Assistance Call Centre:

Please note that those numbers are dedicated solely to passengers requiring special assistance and no other queries will be handled. Local rates apply.

  • Azerbaijan


    Language English
    Phone Number +3616777502
  • Belgium


    Language French
    Phone Number +3225887035
  • Bulgaria


    Language Bulgarian
    Phone Number +35924928367
  • Bosnia - Telecom RS


    Language English
    Phone Number +38755233981
  • Croatia


    Language Croatian
    Phone Number +38517757014
  • Cyprus


    Language English
    Phone Number +35722007144
  • Czech Republic


    Language English
    Phone Number +420225850035
  • Denmark

    +45 787 33 194

    Language Danish
    Phone Number +45 787 33 194
  • United Arab Emirates


    Language English
    Phone Number +3616777508
  • Finland


    Language English
    Phone Number +358931585800
  • France


    Language French
    Phone Number +33170700852
  • Georgia


    Language English
    Phone Number +995706777037
  • Germany - German calls


    Language German
    Phone Number +4969120066954
  • Greece


    Language English
    Phone Number +302130022598
  • Hungary


    Language Hungarian
    Phone Number +3616777505
  • Iceland

    +354 497 1283

    Language English
    Phone Number +354 497 1283
  • Israel


    Language English
    Phone Number +97233741285
  • Italy


    Language Italian
    Phone Number +390200689768
  • Latvia


    Language Latvian
    Phone Number +37167660434
  • Lithuania


    Language Lithuanian
    Phone Number +37052032417
  • Macedonia


    Language English
    Phone Number +38923207642
  • Malta


    Language English
    Phone Number +35627781644
  • Moldova

    +373 22 903870

    Language English
    Phone Number +373 22 903870
  • Netherlands

    +31202621943 ****

    Language English
    Phone Number +31202621943 ****
  • Norway


    Language English
    Phone Number +4721930671
  • Poland


    Language Polish
    Phone Number +48221284905
  • Portugal


    Language English
    Phone Number +351300500497
  • Romania


    Language Romanian
    Phone Number +40312294796
  • Russia


    Language Russian
    Phone Number +74995044413
  • Serbia


    Language Serbian
    Phone Number +381113216842
  • Slovakia


    Language Czech
    Phone Number +421233046989
  • Slovenia


    Language English
    Phone Number +38617774391
  • Spain

    +34910602892 ****

    Language Spanish
    Phone Number +34910602892 ****
  • Spain-callers from Catalonia


    Language Catalan
    Phone Number +3493737006
  • Sweden


    Language English
    Phone Number +46812410514
  • Switzerland


    Language English
    Phone Number +41225510025
  • United Kingdom


    Language English
    Phone Number +443309770444
  • Ukraine


    Language Ukrainian
    Phone Number +380893202532
  • Montenegro


    Phone Number +3616777511
  • Austria


    Language DE
    Phone Number +43720775243
  • Albania

    +36 1 6777 516

    Language English
    Phone Number +36 1 6777 516
  • Estonia

    +372 609 4151

    Language English
    Phone Number +372 609 4151
  • Kazahstan

    +7 (717) 269 60 71

    Language English
    Phone Number +7 (717) 269 60 71
  • Kosovo

    +36 1 6777 518

    Language English
    Phone Number +36 1 6777 518
  • Morocco

    +36 1 6777 520

    Language English
    Phone Number +36 1 6777 520

Special Assistance Call Centres are open 24 hours with English speaking assistants.

Enquiries in other languages can be made from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Central European Time.

In case you would like to send your special assistance request by e-mail, please send your enquiry tospecialassistance@wizzair.com

If you are not able to move on your own – unable to lift yourself without help; leave your seat and reach an emergency exit unaided; communicate with the crew on safety matters (e.g. to understand and react to safety instructions due to learning or cognitive disability, or due to blindness or deafness); unfasten your seat belt; take out and put on your life jacket; or to fit an oxygen mask – you need to be escorted by an able adult person.

The person escorting you must be over 16 years old and must be physically capable of helping you in an emergency.

We will do our best to try and seat your companion next to you.

Two mobility equipments items can be checked-in or taken on board free of charge.


Only manual wheelchairs and dry cell, non-spillable battery-powered wheelchairs are accepted, provided that the terminals are insulated to prevent accidental short circuits. The battery must be securely attached to the wheelchair.


If your wheelchair is not collapsible, please provide the dimensions when you are informing the Special Assistance Call Centre.


To make sure that you are comfortable, our handling agent will provide assistance during the check-in procedure and baggage drop-off. You will be assisted to the gate, through security and on board. Most often you will be seated in a window seat.

Please note that our cabin crew cannot provide assistance with drinks, meals or medication, but they will help you in moving from your seat to the toilet facilities, if required.


Unfortunately onboard wheelchairs are not available on our flights.


We can accept up to 28 disabled passengers per flight, provided that a maximum of 10 passengers who require a wheelchair from check-in to the cabin seat, can be carried on the same aircraft. There are 36 available seats for disabled passengers on our Airbus A321 aircraft, and we can accept a maximum 12 passengers who require a wheelchair from check-in to the cabin seat.

We provide Meet and Assist services for passengers living with visual and hearing impairments during the check-in process, through security and to the departure gate. You will be boarded before everyone else, and our cabin crew will help you stow your hand luggage and help you to your seat.

Please inform the Special Assistance Call Centre at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight if you would like to request the Meet and Assist service.

Guide and assistance dogs as per Decree No. 27/2009 of the Ministry of Social and Labour Affairs will be accommodated on board at no additional cost for disabled passengers on flights within the European Union and from countries of the European Union into countries outside the European Union. Only one dog can be accepted per flight and must not occupy a seat.

Please let us know that you will be travelling with an assistance dog during the booking process and also inform the Special Assistance Call Centre or send email to our Special Assistance email address. You need to send us the following documents no later than 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure time:

  • Certificate proving that your dog is a certified assistance dog
  • All documentation set out in the regulations of the countries you are travelling to and from

No other animals are accommodated on board. No Emotional Support Animals are accepted on Wizz Air flights.

You can find further information on travelling with guide and assistance dogs on this website.

In case your mobility equipment is damaged, lost or delayed, you must report it prior to leaving the arrival hall and you need to obtain a PIR from our Handling Agent.

Please send your claim by post or submit a claim online.

According to the Montreal Convention, our liability for damage, loss or delay of your mobility aid is limited to 1131 SDRs per passenger.

Two mobility equipments can be carried free of charge, including crutches and walking frames. 
A pair of crutches can be taken on board the aircraft and walking frames will have to be checked in. 

If you are travelling with a broken leg in plaster that you can’t bend at the knee, you will be required to purchase an extra seat. 

Enter “EXST” in the first name field and your surname in the last name field when you are booking your flight.  

In case you already booked a flight and didn’t reserve an extra seat, please contact our Special Assistance Call Centre.

For safety reasons, pregnant women can travel only up to the 34th week of pregnancy. In case of twin pregnancies, the time limit is the 32nd week.

If you are over your 28th week of pregnancy, please provide a medical certificate confirming that you are fit to travel by air. Please note that the medical certificate must be issued within 6 days of your flight’s date.

Wizz Air will only be liable in accordance with the General Conditions of Carriage for any health problems to pregnant women and/or their unborn child that may occur during or as a result of carriage by air.

If you have a contagious disease or any other condition requiring medical care, you need a medical certificate confirming your fitness to travel by air. The medical certificate must be issued within 6 days of your flight’s date.

We cannot be liable for any injuries, deterioration of health conditions suffered by passenger or for death during travel by air, due to such conditions. 

Please contact our Special Assistance Call Centre at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight.

Keep medicine in your hand luggage at all times. In case you need to carry essential medicines such as insulin, you need to carry a medical certificate with you confirming that you need the medicine during your trip. Present this document at the airport security, if required.

Please note that we cannot keep your medication refrigerated on board.

The carriage and usage of Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) that do not contain compressed gas or liquid oxygen are permitted on board subject to providing evidence on the nature of the equipment and a medical “Fit to Fly” form (please download).

Should you wish to carry or use an assistive or non-oxygen generating support device (Respiratory Personal Device - RPD): such as a respirator, nebulizer, ventilator, CPAP or BiPap machine in the cabin of the aircraft, you must present the “Fit to Fly” form (please download).

If you are travelling with such a device, please contact the Special Assistance Call Centre at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure for verification of documents. Please note that your “Fit to fly form” must be issued within 6 days of the flight date.

Passengers must check-in at the airport at least 2 hours prior to scheduled flight departure and must present the device and paperwork for inspection.

If you not contacting the Call Center in advance and/or not able to present the “Fit to fly” form at the airport, the carrier may refuse your carriage.

These devices can be carried as an additional item free of charge.

Passenger must travel with an approved model of POC:

  • AirSep FreeStyle
  • AirSep LifeStyle
  • AirSep Focus
  • AirSep Freestyle 5
  • (Caire) SeQual eQuinox / Oxywell (model 4000)
  • Delphi RS-00400 / Oxus RS-00400
  • DeVilbiss Healthcare iGo
  • Inogen One
  • Inogen One G2
  • lnogen One G3
  • lnova Labs LifeChoice Activox
  • International Biophysics LifeChoice / lnova Labs LifeChoice
  • Invacare XPO2 / XPO100
  • Invacare Solo 2
  • Oxylife Independence Oxygen Concentrator
  • Precision Medical EasyPulse
  • Respironics EverGo
  • Respironics SimplyGo
  • Sequal Eclipse
  • SeQual SAROS
  • VBox Trooper

The passenger shall have a sufficient number of fully charged batteries for their medical equipment to cover the duration of the flight and possible delays. A maximum of 2 batteries are permitted in carry-on baggage and these must be individually protected to prevent short circuits. Battery terminals must be either recessed or packed to prevent contact with metal objects, including terminals (chargers) or other batteries.

Please note that breathing aids containing compressed gas or liquid oxygen are not permitted onboard.

We can provide extra oxygen onboard for passengers who need it for medical reasons. Your own oxygen container, however, cannot be carried on board.

Contact our Special Assistance Call Centre at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight and send the “Fit to fly form” (please download) confirming the following:

  • The passenger’s use is medically necessary but the patient is fit to fly;
  • The passenger does not require a continuous supply of oxygen more than 250 minutes at a flow rate of 2L/min;
  • For safety reason the oxygen cannot be provided during take-off and landing and it is accepted by the passenger;
  • The oxygen that Wizz Air provides is suitable for the passenger.

Please take these documents with you and present them at the check-in desk. If you do not provide the required documentation, you will not be allowed to travel.

Please note that the service is available only on A320 aircrafts.

Please be advised that we cannot guarantee a peanut free aircraft as other passengers may bring their own peanut products onboard. We therefore recommend that you bring allergy control medicine with you on board (such as EpiPen, antihistamines etc.) and you may take your own food with you as well. If you need additional information please contact our Call Center.

Once on board please make the crew aware about your allergic problem.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

If your need for assistance was registered at the time of your reservation, ground services will be aware and will provide your assistance at the airport. Please go to the check-in desk as early as possible to contact ground services. For further details, please check out the information page.