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Take a trip to the largest country in the world and discover the spectrum of history, culture and cuisine that awaits you in Russia!

Why Visit Russia?

Russia is a vast country with more than could ever be seen in a single trip. A holiday in Russia in many ways feels like a true adventure, whether it’s exploring the streets of the capital of Moscow, taking on the wilderness of Siberia or visiting the Russian Far East, gateway to China. 

Essential Attractions in Russia

The most iconic image of Russia is that of Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow’s Red Square, and visiting this colourfully-designed structure is a must. The Kremlin is another, with a wealth of museums and galleries found within. The centre of Saint Petersburg is UNESCO-Protected and full of stunning history. Sochi, famed for hosting the Olympic Games, is also worth a visit and, being subtropical, don’t be surprised to see snow on palm trees!

The Wild Beauty of Russia

Lovers of nature will also delight in Russia’s diversity – from subtropical to sub-zero to the arid Ryn Desert. To see some of Russia’s most rugged beauty, head to Wrangel Island, set “at the end of the earth”, it acts as the home to many Arctic creatures.