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Children and infants



14 days - under 2 years

infant fare

must sit on adult's lap

one infant per adult is allowed


2 years - under 14 years

adult fare


14 years - under 16 years

adult fare

Over 14 years can travel alone

Can not be responsible for another child


16+ years

adult fare

Can take full responsibility for a child

may escort a group of maximum 10 children


Infants older than 14 days, up to the age of 2 can travel on an accompanying adult’s lap, for a fee of [infant location=AllNotShown] per one-way flight.

  • if you pay the fee via the Wizz Air Call Centre an additional Call Centre Transaction Fee applies for the transaction
  • if the infant is added to the booking no tax and no booking fee will be charged in addition to the infant's fee by online bookings


  • only one infant can travel on one accompanying adult's lap
  • rear-facing infants' car seats can be taken on board if an additional seat is purchased
  • infants must be under the age of 2 on the date of both the departure and the return flights
  • underage citizens of Ukraine and Romania need to fulfil special requirements

Children under 14 can only fly if they are accompanied by an adult.

  • the adult must be at least 16 years old  
  • needs to take full responsibility for the child
  • one adult can accompany a group of 10 children
  • children older than 14 can travel on their own
  • 14 and 15 year olds can travel unaccompanied but cannot be responsible for another child

How to book

  • children between the age of 2 and 14 are booked as children but need their own seat and need to pay the adult fare
  • the child must be booked under the same reservation as the accompanying adult

Families can take advantage of certain family-friendly WIZZ services, such as the WIZZ Discount Club and Priority Boarding to save time, money or to make the journey more fun!

Frequently asked questions


Infants up to the age of 2 may fly for an infant fee on the accompanying adult's lap. One person can accompany one infant only. Children over the age of 2 will not be allowed to travel on the accompanying adult’s lap. The infant fee can be paid online during the booking process or through the Wizz Air Call Centre.

For more information, visit the Children and infants page.

If the child reaches the age of 2 after the departure and before the return journey, a seat must be purchased and in such cases, a separate reservation should be created for the onward and return flights.

AMSAFE CARES child belts are not accepted on Wizz Air flights.

The adult travelling with the infant is entitled to carry baby accessories (no pushchair, no foldable stroller and no crib on board).

Please note that prams and pushchairs shall be checked in with other baggage and will be carried free of charge only if the user of the equipment is travelling. However, if no infant or child is involved, these items will be carried as checked-in baggage for an additional fee.

Children under 14 can only fly if they are accompanied by an adult, who is at least 16 years old and takes full responsibility for the child.

Please note that there are special requirements for some minors. For more information click here.

You can take a rear-facing infant car seat equipped with an inside seat belt on board if you purchased an additional seat on the flight. The car seat must be equipped with a latch, so that it's suitable for being securely fastened using the passenger seat belt.

The additional seat can be purchased at normal price at the time of booking online or – if the reservation has already been completed and confirmed – via the Wizz Air Call Centre. The Call Center Transaction Fee will not be charged in this case.

If you book the extra seat online, enter the "INFANT" code as the passenger's first name. The passenger's surname should be entered in the last name field. If the reservation is made online, please also contact the Wizz Air Call Centre and provide the infant’s full name and confirm he/she is going to travel in a car seat.

If an extra seat was booked, additional baggage allowance for infants and the infant fee are not applicable.