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A Nordic destination where unrivalled hiking opportunities and modern cities can be explored, Sweden is the perfect escape complete with its famously laid back culture.

Why Visit Sweden?

Sweden has birthed many famous names, from ABBA to Absolut Vodka – there is something creative in the air and Sweden’s relaxed outlook on life makes it the ideal place to kick back. Outdoor enthusiasts can glut on the mountains, valleys and forests of Norrland, while Svealand homes the buzzing capital and Götaland, in the south, boasts several national parks. 

Must-sees in Sweden

For a truly unforgettable stay, you can opt for the Ice Hotel! This famous structure is rebuilt every year and is made entirely of ice. The Stockholm archipelago is one of the world’s most spectacular destinations and invites guests to enjoy a day of island hopping that makes the most of Swedish cities and gorgeous nature. 

The Swedish Fika

One thing you’ll notice during your time in Sweden, and will be tempted to bring home, is the practice of Fika, or a coffee break. Fika can happen several times a day and is about quality time with family or colleagues over a cup of coffee and something sweet.