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Nestled between Italy, Hungary, Austria and Croatia, Slovenia enjoys the same natural beauty, mild climate and rich history of its neighbours.

Why Visit Slovenia? 

Slovenia is the meeting point of the Alps, the Mediterranean coast, the Dinaric Alps and the Pannonian Basin, providing plenty of opportunity for hiking, skiing and enjoying beach breaks. A great choice of holiday destination all year round, a city break in the capital of Ljubljana will reward guests with museums, a charming old town and some fantastic waterside bars.

What to see in Slovenia

Logar Valley National Park, set in an Alpine Valley, is one of the most beautiful in the Alpine region, and Lake Bled is a particularly romantic destination. The capital has its own key sites including its Triple Bridge and the National Museum of Slovenia. Celje is one of the oldest cities and has all the charm one would expect, including a castle.

Slovenia’s Caves

Slovenia is well known for its network of ancient caves, many of which can be explored by guided tour. Wander through the gloomy caverns of the UNESCO Škocjan Caves or travel the 20km of Postojna Cave and the natural concert hall found within.