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Home to stunning mountain landscapes, a unique culture and, of course, Dracula, Romania promises holidays that are unforgettable.

Why Visit Romania?

Romania is home to picturesque landscapes, a coastline rich in ancient ruins along the Black Sea and an eclectic mix of modern cities and traditional towns. For those who enjoy historical sites as much as cities moving into the future, it’s a fantastic destination.

What to See in Romania

The capital, Bucharest is a must-see, with key attractions like Parliament Palace and a huge wealth of museums. Travellers arriving in Tulcea can visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Danube Delta-Ecosystem, where much unique wildlife can be seen. Peleș Castle, set close to Sinaia is also a gorgeous sight. 

Romania’s Vampires

While the locals might like to shed their association with Count Dracula, he remains a powerful lure for many people travelling to the country. Transylvania may not be a hub of vampirism, but it is an extraordinarily beautiful part of the country. Elsewhere, Bran Castle, also known as “Dracula’s Castle” is an important national landmark regardless of its fictional tenant.