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Europe's newest country, Kosovo, is a fascinating land at the heart of the Balkans rewarding visitors with welcoming smiles, charming mountain towns, incredible hiking opportunities, ancient civilization, religious diversity: ancient mosques and 13th-century domed Serbian monasteries – and that's just for starters. It’s perfectly safe to travel here now, but despite this, Kosovo remains one of the last truly off-the-beaten-path destinations in Europe.

Kosovo is a melting pot of Europe, and for Europe’s newest country, it’s doing well for itself. Being a tourist-free zone, Kosovo is a beautiful place to visit and possibly, the cheapest country in Europe. With its fascinating history and historical landmarks, in Kosovo one can relive history.

The newest country in Europe with a large diaspora!

The pace of development in this country can amaze you. From nothing, to a country that is on track to become a EU member country within a generation. In Kosovo, you can see how fast a nation with an assiduous population can build a new country in today's world! Kosovo has declared its independence on February 2008 and provides a unique opportunity of experiencing state-building at its glance. The energy, dynamics… life and colors,are a must see. Kosovo has a large diaspora, mainly focused in Europe.

 The people! Friendly and helpful beyond compare.

That's the secret to this country: the people. They're unique. You can't meaningfully change geography. You can't make mountains, or rivers, or lakes. You're borne into an environment, and the best you can do is embrace it and make the most out of it. That's Kosovo. People that are inherently optimistic, believe in a better world, and always work towards that.

 Did you know that 70% of Kosovo’s population is under 35!?.

Yes it’s true. More than 70% of Kosovo’s population is consisted of youngsters under the aged of 35 who love to travel and explore. Buzzing streets of city squares, a dynamic nightlife and a ‘willing’ approach and a number of international and locally accredited events, have made the country a preferred destination for youngsters from all around the world.

Kosovo has some of the most amazing food that the world has to offer.

The historical mix of cultures and people have brought recipes with various ingredients that are extremely delicious. A country for meat lovers, for vegetarians, for vegans, there is something for everyone. Now that is coming into the 21st century, where original Kosovar recepies are becoming fast food items. However, Kosovo is no stranger to pizza or pasta.

Although small, Kosovo is extremely beautiful.

There are high mountains, wide valleys, lakes, rivers, waterfalls... and everything is really close. You can experience all of them in a short time-span. You can wake up on top of a mountain, walk down for a drink, go bathe in a lake, and then try and catch some fish on a river. It's up to you how fun you want to make your weekend.

 Everyone that visits Kosovo is pleasantly surprised how serious the issue of coffee is.

Everywhere you go, there is an espresso machine. Kosovo even has espresso variations. For people here, coffee is not about the consumption of caffeine; it's about the experience. Sitting at the table, in the shade, on a hot day, with a wide view of a beautiful lanscape or of beautilful people. No matter where, expect a perfect cup of esspresso or machiato.

Your cultural and religious diverse place to be!

Kosovo is an ethnic and religious diverse country. All the different religions have become part of the Kosovan society. Only in Prishtina, the recently built large catholic monastery is only of 200 meter distance from the old town, where the old ottoman mosques are located. Considering the history of the country, the people have always been keen in embracing different beliefs and faiths and have been struggling for a normal harmonious life, within its borders.

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Kosovo is the youngest country in Europe located in the central part of the Balkans. Its geographical position enables our country to serve as a connecting bridge with all other countries of Eastern Europe. As such, Kosovo creates favorable conditions for foreign investment. Kosovo is part of CEFTA since 2007, and also benefits from Autonomous Trade Preferences (ATP) with EU and duty-free trade with US, and trade connections with Japan and Norway. Located in the heart of the Balkans, Kosovo serves as a connecting bridge between the South Eastern European countries. Kosovohas the youngest population in Europe with 70 percent of the population being under the age of 35, while the main advantage of the Kosovar labor force is its low operating cost, it is the most competitive in Europe. The real development of the economy, measured by the gross domestic product (GDP), has been favorable the past years, showing a positive and continuously increasing trend, despite the effects of the international financial crisis.

 Warm business environment

The business environment in Kosovo is becoming one of the most competitive in the region. Advantages such as an excellent tax system, abundant natural resources, quick and easy business registration, and transparent laws on foreign investments make Kosovo an attractive and friendly environment for foreign investors. For companies looking to invest in a low cost location with easy access to the EU, Central European and Balkan markets, Kosovo represents a highly attractive option. For the first time in Kosovo, an investor can register a business in 2 days, free of charge with zero chartered capital (for LLCs). In the World Bank Doing Business indicator report, Kosovo has moved 26 places up making it the most dynamic reformer in Southeast and Central Europe.

Trip advisor top tourist destinations

There are many historic and social landmarks in Kosovo worth to visit. During your visit, make sure to communicate to the locals to hear amazing histories and tales, usually untold prior on internet. Moreover, in Kosovo, one can ski during the winter or swim during the summer… even experience four different seasons within a day. You can also visit one of the events organized by the community, or even visit standing historical and spiritual landmarks. One for sure, everywhere you go, you will love the interaction with the locals.

Kalaja Fortress in Prizren, Ethnographic Museum in Prishtina, Prishtina National Library, Germia Park in Prishtina, Visoki Decani Monastery in Decan, Gracanica Monastery, Newborn Monument Prishtina, Brezovica Ski Center, Sinan Pasha Mosque, Mother Theresa Cathedral, Skanderbeg statute, Fatih Mosque, Patriarchate of Peja, Via Ferrata Ari in Peja, Statute of Mother Theresa in Prishtina, Bill Clinton Statue, Albanian League of Prizren, Albi Shopping Mall, Rugova Mountains, Sharr Mountains, Kalaja e Prizrenit, Tomb of Sultan Murad, White Drin Waterfall, the Field of Blackbirds, Clock Tower in Prishtina, Mirusha Waterfalls, Ulpiana, Sain Demetrius Church, Stone Bridge in Mitrovica, Kosovo Museum, are only some of the must see places in Kosovo.

 Groups of professionals and enthusiastic young people are there to make you want to discover and travel more, by seeing fascinating sites and spending remarkable time during your visits. We have picked two of the most trending, check them out. 

Catun, Adventure in the Balkans:

Butterfly Outdoor Adventure:


Pristina International Airport (PRN)


Prishtina International Airport located 15 kilometres southwest of Pristina, Kosovo.

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