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The Sahara Desert has drawn people to this vibrant country for centuries, but there’s far more to a holiday in this exotic destination than wandering the dunes!

Why Visit Morocco?

Morocco’s unique culture, incredible natural vistas and delectable tagines are all excellent reasons to visit. The country enjoys warm weather throughout the seasons but unlike other desert destinations that may encourage guests to shelter indoors, the climate is perfect for exploring the sights, stopping at midday for a refreshing mint tea or something stronger - surprisingly, Morocco is not a dry country. 

Must-Sees in Morocco

One can’t mention Morocco without mentioning Marrakesh and its souks. These markets are legendary, and sell everything under the sun, for a price as low as the haggling customer can possibly make it! The Sahara is another essential visit, where dunes can be climbed up and boarded down!

Here’s Looking at You, Casablanca

It would be shameful to come to Morocco and not visit iconic Casablanca. The largest, arguably most laid-back city in the country, and home to King Hassan II Mosque, it's also home to Morocco’s second largest shopping centre.