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A tumultuous past has not stopped Kosovo from becoming a leading backpacker’s destination, and its stunning landscapes and historical old towns are helping it find its place as a fantastic holiday break for curious travellers. 

Why Visit Kosovo?

Kosovo is still relatively unknown to the tourist masses, and this makes it both fantastically affordable and free of the bustling crowds, keeping the culture and atmosphere of the towns and attractions completely authentic. 

Essential Attractions in Kosovo

Prizren is home to a stunning old town, featuring beautiful bridges, mosques and quaint pathways all with the mountains serving as a backdrop. Be sure to visit the city fortress of Kaljaja, where glorious views over the city can be enjoyed. Architecture-lovers will be enthralled by the National Library of Kosovo in the capital of Pristina.

Kosovo’s Coffee Culture

Kosovo is carving out its own niche as makers of truly great coffee. Coffee has long been important in the Balkans, with a single cup lasting hours as locals catch up, but internationally, Kosovo is starting to threaten Italy as the home of the best macchiato!