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Home to pizza, pasta, the Romans and some of the richest culture in the world, Italy is sure to be high on every traveller’s wish list, and for good reason!

Why Visit Italy?

Whatever your passion, you’re sure to find it in Italy, after all, the Italians are a passionate bunch! Start your day with an espresso and discover incredible food, high fashion and culture aplenty. Explore the ruins of Rome, the art of Florence or enjoy a tipple in Tuscany. A world-beating holiday destination for tourists, Italy is always sure to please.

What to See in Italy

It would be a struggle to name a part of this wonderful country that’s not worth visiting. Rome is essential, fashionistas will love Milan and for romantics, Venice is the place to head. Foodies will need to visit Naples, home of pizza, or Bologna, the culinary capital of the north. Not about city breaks? Sardinia calls, home to some of Europe’s most stunning beaches. 

Italy’s Food

Italy’s greatest claim to fame, though it has many, is arguably its food. Branch out and try something new; pumpkin pasta in Ferrara, Ribollita soup in Tuscany, artichokes alla Roman in Rome. Don’t forget to follow it all up with a generous portion of gelato!