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The islands of Greece are far from a new discovery for holiday goers, but these sunny shores show no sign of becoming any less popular!

Why Visit Greece?

The sun, the sea, the beaches, the food, the ruins, the hospitality – Greece has endless reasons for visitors to make the trip! From Athens to Rhodes, Zante to Crete, every city and island of Greece has its own personality, so whatever the reason for your sunny escape, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for!

Must-Sees in Greece

Top of the list is the Acropolis of Athens, Greece’s most iconic attraction, and it’s just one of hundreds of ancient ruins, with the Parthenon, Acropolis of Rhodes and Temple of Apollo in Delphi also being essential sights for history lovers. The blue roofs of Santorini’s houses are another must-see and a stop at one of the hundreds of beaches is essential – try Elafonissi.

Greece’s Gastronomy 

Feta, halloumi, pita bread, olives, baklava – a holiday to Greece will fill you as much with incredibly delicious food as it will culture and sunshine. Try dolmades, exquisite stuffed vine leaves, souvlaki meat skewers, Ellinikos the rich Greek coffee or the sweet treat of Loukoumades.