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Fly to Croatia and enjoy over 1,000 miles of Adriatic coastline, historically rich cities and breath-taking mountain ranges!

Why Visit Croatia?

Through the summer, the country boasts lovely Mediterranean weather, giving guests the perfect backdrop for exploring its many UNESCO World Heritage Listed sites, such as the Old City of Dubrovnik or the Historical Complex in Split. Visitors have the choice of sandy, tourist-orientated resort beaches or rockier, more rugged beauty that lies off the beaten track.

Must-sees in Croatia

The capital of Zagreb is well worth a visit, it may not be a coastal city like Split or Dubrovnik, but it more than makes up for it with its wonderful culture and historical architecture. Don’t miss the Plitvice Lakes National Park, with its cascading chain of 16 terraced lakes and gorgeous waterfalls.

The Unmissable City

Dubrovnik, known widely as Croatia’s gem, is a port city that tourists have long been enamoured with. The charming city offers a stunning old town, easy access to its pristine coastline and unparalleled seafood cuisine. Visitors can admire the very best of Croatia’s stunning architecture and rich history, right here.