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Located in South-Eastern Europe, with a beautiful coastline along the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, Albania is well worth a visit for any curious traveller looking to go off the beaten track!

Why Visit Albania?

From the vast spaces of untouched nature to the miles of sensational Mediterranean beaches, Albania is an underrated haven. Visitors will have access to sun-drenched Roman ruins and UNESCO World Heritage sites, all without the sprawling crowds, thanks to Albania remaining something of a hidden gem! 

Must-sees in Albania

Voted as one of the most beautiful places to visit on the continent, the UNESCO-listed town of Berat, with its Ottoman style architecture, is an essential stop. The capital city of Tirana also has plenty to offer, with museums, galleries and restaurants aplenty. For nature lovers, there are two national parks and various mountain ranges, ideal for hiking, and don’t forget to find some time for those spectacular beaches!

Albania's Sumptuous Food

Albania is best-known for its historical features, but the cuisine of the country is also well lauded. Make sure to try the Tavë Kosi, a delicious lamb dish baked with eggs, yoghurt and rice. You’ll be left wanting more!