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Seat allocation


You have the opportunity to choose your seats for a fee while booking. If you prefer not to book one, we will assign a random seat for you during the check-in, 24 hours before flight departure.


Book premium seats to enjoy comfortable extra legroom or secure your place in the front row.


With our WIZZ Go and WIZZ Plus bundles, you have the opportunity to book a seat for free.


  • Available only for bookings with 2 adults
  • Can be purchased only when making a reservation with Basic fare
  • Can be purchased during the booking
  • Price is 20 EUR per leg (for both 2 adults together)
  • In case of a return flight, Sitting together product has to be purchased for both legs
  • It is not possible to select the specific seats you want when purchasing Sitting together but you will be guaranteed to be seated next to each other
  • The seats next to each other are allocated upon checking in to the flight
  • The seats allocated within the Sitting together product are non-premium seats, so extra legroom seats, front row seats and upfront seats are excluded
  • For bookings with Sitting together, online check in for the flights is available 24 hours prior to scheduled departure

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

During your booking you may select a seat for a fee. If you decide not to select a seat, an available seat is automatically assigned to you randomly during check-in.

The selected seat number and respective prices are always shown in the payment summary box.

You can also select a seat online after booking and check-in, up to 3 hours before departure.