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Seat allocation




You have the opportunity to choose your seats for a fee while booking. If you prefer not to book one, we will assign a random seat for you during the check-in, 24 hours before flight departure.



Book premium seats to enjoy comfortable extra legroom or secure your place in the front row.



With our WIZZ Go and WIZZ Plus bundles, you have the opportunity to book a seat for free.


  • Available only for bookings with 2 adults
  • Can be purchased only when making a reservation with Basic fare
  • Can be purchased during the booking
  • Price is 20 EUR per leg (for both 2 adults together)
  • In case of a return flight, Sitting together product has to be purchased for both legs
  • It is not possible to select the specific seats you want when purchasing Sitting together but you will be guaranteed to be seated next to each other
  • The seats next to each other are allocated upon checking in to the flight
  • The seats allocated within the Sitting together product are non-premium seats, so extra legroom seats, front row seats and upfront seats are excluded
  • For bookings with Sitting together, online check in for the flights is available 24 hours prior to scheduled departure
  • Front row and Upfront seats are located in the front of the aircraft and allow you to be amongst the first to exit after landing
  • Extra Legroom seats have more leg space and are located in the emergency exit row
  • for safety reasons, passengers younger than 16, overweight or with special needs, pregnant passengers and those travelling with infants (younger than 2) cannot be seated in these special seats
  • to purchase Extra Legroom or Front Row seats, you must be at least 16 years old and have a basic understanding of the English language
  • you must be able-bodied and able to open the overwing exit in case of an emergency
  • you consider yourself fit to do so and will be briefed regarding the manual operation of the wing exit
  • your hand luggage will have to be stored in the overhead compartment during takeoff and landing

We reserve the right to reseat passengers for safety reasons. In case of changing your booking, your selected seat might not be available on the new flight. For further details, please read the General Conditions of Carriage.

If you require special assistance, you need to contact the Wizz Air Call Centre after completing your booking to ensure that the most appropriate seat was assigned to you. 

  • infants up to the age of 2 are seated on the accompanying adult's lap
  • only one infant may be seated in any row on either side of the aisle
  • if there are more infants, you might be reseated by the cabin crew
  • children older than 2 need to sit on a separate seat
  • infants and children are not allowed to sit in the Front Row or Extra Legroom seats and on seats C and D in the last row due to safety regulations
  • Children under 14 years of age must sit alongside at least 1 accompanying adult. Random seat allocation during check-in, which is free of charge, will take this into account. If there is limited availability, without adjacent seats for at least 1 accompanying adult, the crew on board will assist to re-seat the child

We cannot guarantee that your whole party sits together, therefore we recommend to select your seats now.


Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

During your booking you may select a seat for a fee. If you decide not to select a seat, an available seat is automatically assigned to you randomly during check-in.

The selected seat number and respective prices are always shown in the payment summary box.

You can also select a seat online after booking and check-in, up to 3 hours before departure.

You will be able to select any seat on the aircraft, subject to availability and safety restrictions.

Front and Upfront seats are located at the front of the aircraft and allow you to be amongst the first to exit the aircraft after landing. Extra Legroom seats have more leg space for a more comfortable journey.

For safety reasons, passengers under 16, excessively overweight passengers, passengers requiring special assistance, pregnant passengers and passengers travelling with infants cannot be seated in an emergency exit row or a front row.

1. If your flight is still on the same date and only the time of the departure was changed, your seat reservation remains the same.

2. If your flight was moved to a different day and you already paid for your seats, please select a new seat online for the same price.

If you choose a more expensive seat, you only need to pay the price difference. If you select cheaper seats, please contact the Wizz Air Call Centre for a refund.

The fee you paid for seat selection is non-refundable. You can either accept the seats assigned automatically for your new flight free of charge or select a seat for the applicable fee.

In this case you only need to pay the price difference between the two seats. If you accept the assigned seats, or if you select seats with a value lower than your balance, the remainder of the balance can be used for buying other services.

You can check the location of your seat on the Seat Map. Use the front door if you are seated in rows 1-15 and the rear door if you are seated in rows 16-30.

No, for safety reasons instruments carried on extra seat in the cabin cannot be placed in emergency exit rows and first row, and they must be placed on a window seat.