Seat types and additional services

When choosing your seat, you might explore our premium seating options or take advantage of the following additional services.

Wizz Air provides both standard and premium seat options, and you can review their locations on the Seat Map or during the seat selection phase of the booking process.

The premium seat types available are:

Front Row Seats:

  • Positioned at the front of the aircraft.
  • Offer the advantage of being among the first to disembark after landing.
  • Provide additional leg space.

Upfront Seats:

  • Also located at the front of the aircraft.
  • Offer the benefit of early disembarkation after landing.

Extra Legroom Seats:

  • Situated in the emergency exit rows.
  • Have increased leg space.

For safety purposes, regulations prohibit passengers under 16 years old, overweight passengers, individuals with special needs, expectant mothers, and those traveling with infants (under 2 years old) from occupying Extra Legroom or Front Row seats.

Overweight passengers may receive a longer seatbelt and generally have flexibility in seat selection. However, as a security precaution, overweight individuals are restricted from occupying emergency exit rows (extra-legroom seats) due to limitations on using an extension seatbelt there.

If you require special assistance, kindly contact our Live Chat or Call Centre Services after booking creation to ensure assignment of the most suitable seat for your needs.

Please note that for safety reasons, we reserve the right to reassign seats. In the event of changes to your booking, your previously selected seat may not be available on the new flight. Further details can be found in the General Conditions of Carriage.









Wizz Air offers a seat selection service called "Sitting Together", which ensures that two adult passengers can sit next to each other during the flight. This service can be purchased during the booking process.

  • Sitting Together can only be purchased for bookings with precisely two adult passengers traveling with a basic fare.
  • While purchasing Sitting Together, specific seat selection is not available. However, it guarantees that the two adult passengers will be seated together.
  • The seats included in this service are non-premium, meaning extra legroom seats, front row seats, and upfront seats are not part of the selection.
  • Exact seat assignments occur during the flight's check-in process, available 24 hours before departure.
  • For round-trip flights, Sitting Together must be purchased for both outbound and return flights.

If you desire extra space onboard, you have the option to purchase an additional (extra) seat for each adult passenger.

Here are the steps to book an extra seat:

  • Book it online by entering "EXST" in the first name field and the passenger’s surname in the last name field.
  • The cost will be equivalent to the adult fare applicable at the time of booking.

Extra seats might be essential for the following purposes:


If your flight remains on the same date with only a change in departure time, your seat reservation stays unaffected.

In case your flight was rescheduled to a different day and you've already paid for your seats, an automatically assigned new seat within the same price range will be provided. If no seat was automatically assigned, please choose a new seat online for the same price.

If you opt for a pricier seat, you'll only need to cover the price difference. However, if you select a cheaper seat, kindly contact our Live Chat or Call Centre Services for a refund.

After any seat modifications, make sure to download your updated boarding pass.


The fee paid for seat selection is non-refundable. For your new flight, you have two options: either accept the automatically assigned seats at no extra cost or choose a seat for the applicable fee.

If you decide to select a seat, you'll only need to pay the difference between the prices of the two seats. If you accept the assigned seats or opt for seats of lesser value, the remaining balance can be utilized for purchasing other services.

After any alterations to your seat, make sure to download your updated boarding pass.

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