Adding Baggage

If you would like to pack more than a free standard carry-on bag allows, you can always purchase additional bags in one of the following ways:

  • during the booking creation process
  • adding bags to an existing booking on the booking overview page
  • by purchasing WIZZ Priority, which includes extra baggage allowance
  • by upgrading your booking to WIZZ Go or WIZZ Plus, which includes extra baggage allowance
  • by contacting our Call Centre
  • at the airport for a higher fee

If you want to move baggage from one passenger to another, contact our Live Chat our Call Centre Services.

Baggage fees depend on the dates of your travel (peak season, low season), the payment method (online, through our Call Centre Services or at the airport), and on the bag weight and size. For more information, please check the Baggage Fees page.

Check more information about our baggage policy in the Baggage section.


To add an extra trolley bag in addition to free carry-on bag, you may purchase WIZZ Priority service. For more information on the baggage policy and the bags price, check out the Cabin Baggage section.


1) During booking creation:

  • You can purchase maximum three checked-in bags during booking creation, and add three more bags at the airport. Unfortunate, it is not possible to add more than three bags online.
  • You can add a check-in bag separately or as a part of a bundle. Both WIZZ Go and WIZZ Plus bundles include extra checked-in baggage and a trolley bag.

2) To an existing booking:

  • You can add a checked-in bag to an existing booking via your WIZZ Account on the website or through the WIZZ Mobile app. Please log in, select your booking, and choose "ADD BAGGAGE" (app) or "MANAGE LUGGAGES" (website) option.
  • Please note that if you want to add a bag to an existing booking, which already includes a checked-in bag, you can add only the same type of checked-in baggage. For example, if you have purchased a 20 kg bag during the booking creation, later you will be able to add only 20 kg bags to this booking.
  • If you have a round trip, you can have different types of checked-in baggage on these two flights. For more information check out the Checked-in Baggage section.

You can always add bags by contacting our Call Centre Services (Call Centre fee applies) or add checked-in bags at the airport (airport fees apply and baggage prices may differ).

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