Seating policy

When selecting your seats, you have the flexibility to choose from the following options:

  • Be assigned a complimentary random seat.
  • Select and purchase a preferred seat online.
  • Reserve a seat by availing a bundle (WIZZ Go & WIZZ Flex) or Privilege Pass at no additional cost.
  • Purchase a seat via our Call Centre Services or directly at the airport.

Should you decide not to select a seat during the booking process, a complimentary random seat will be assigned to you during the check-in process. Check-in becomes available 24 hours prior to departure.

In cases where there are multiple passengers on the same booking, each individual will be allocated a random seat. Please note that we cannot guarantee that these seats will be adjacent to one another.

If you opt not to purchase a seat, simply click on the "Choose seats later" option during the seat selection stage of the booking. It's important to be aware that by choosing this option, you will only be able to check in for your flight 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.

You have the option to choose and purchase a seat during the flight booking process, or you can add it before or after check-in, up to 3 hours before the scheduled departure time.

If you opt to reserve a seat, you will be able to check in 30 days before the flight's departure.

The seat number you've selected along with its corresponding price will always be displayed in the payment summary box for your review before finalizing the booking.

If you've opted for a bundle during the booking, such as WIZZ Go or WIZZ Plus, which includes seat selection, or if you've purchased the Privilege Pass, you can choose your seat at no extra cost.

  • With WIZZ Go, you can select seats for free, excluding front row and extra legroom seats.
  • WIZZ Plus offers free seat selection, including front row and extra legroom seats.
  • The Privilege Pass also grants you free seat selection, including front row and extra legroom seats.

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