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Please make sure that when you are booking a flight you provide the full name of the passenger accurately, exactly as it is written in the travel document the passenger will be using.

In case you made a mistake during booking, you can use the free online name change option on your flight summary page if:

  • Wrong title (male/female)
  • Shortened name (Thomas J. Smith vs. Thomas John Smith)
  • Misspelling/typo/ up to 3 characters

For other name corrections please contact the Wizz Air Call Centre within 2 hours of the booking. After this deadline, a name change fee will have to be paid:

  • [name-change location=WizzairCom] when changing the name on our site
  • [name-change location=CallCentre] when changing through the Wizz Air Call Centre. A Call Centre Transaction Fee will be applied in addition to the Name Change Fee.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

You have to present all necessary, valid travel documents at the check-in or at the boarding gate. You also need to comply with all the entry and migration requirements of the country you are flying from, through or into. If you do not have the sufficient passport or visa or any required travel document and you are refused entry into a country, you may be liable for the consequential transportation surcharge and cost of provisions.

For the most accurate information about visa requirements, please contact the foreign offices, embassies or consulates of the countries you would like to visit. You will have to present the same document you provided during the online check-in.