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Billing guide

Select the Individual or Company tab
on the Billing information page
during the booking process.


You are travelling alone or with family, and you will be paying the bill.


You are travelling for business and your flight will be paid for by your employer, school etc.


Electronic copy

We issue electronic copies of invoices in pdf format, which is sent to the email address provided with the reservation. 

  • contains an electronic signature and timestamp created with PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) technology
  • the signature is made on behalf of Wizz Air Hungary and is equipped with a "qualified business certificate"
  • the electronic invoice is in line with Hungarian regulations
  • we will issue an invoice for you by default, with your filled in details

Paper copy

If you need a paper copy of the invoice, please request it from the Wizz Air Call Centre. The fee for creating and sending a paper invoice is [paper-invoice]. 

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

You will receive an electronic invoice to the email address provided during reservation. Electronic invoices are issued in compliance with the relevant Hungarian legal regulations.

Additionally, you can request a hard copy of the electronic invoice for a fee via the Wizz Air Call Centre. Hard copies will be sent by post to the address you provided when making the reservation.

You may request a modified invoice containing different details for a fee.

For more information, please read the Billing Guide.