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WIZZ Account


1. Definitions

1.1. Passenger: the person using Wizz Air's passenger transport services.

1.2. Customer: the Passenger or a third party acting on behalf of the Passenger who initiates the opening of a WIZZ account and effects payment through the WIZZ Account refill package or other methods.

1.3. Passenger Registration: The registration of the Passenger's identification and contact data in Wizz Air's reservation system. The scope of the registration is the opening of a WIZZ Account, enabling contacts with the Passenger and establishing the base currency.

1.4. WIZZ Account: an account where the Customer's pre-payments, purchases and actual balance are followed.

1.5. Base Currency: The currency chosen by the Customer during the course of the registration in which the balance of the WIZZ Account is kept. It is advisable to choose the currency in which purchases will mostly be made. When booking online you can only pay from your credit for flights priced in your chosen base currency. Any other flight can be booked through the Call Centre. Currency options: GBP, EUR, PLN, HUF, RON, SEK, NOK.

1.6. WIZZ Account Number : A 10-digit identification number created by the reservation system upon completion of Passenger Registration.

1.7. Wizz Air's Services: Carriage by air of passengers and baggage.

1.8. Call Centre: Wizz Air's telephone customer service teams. Call Centre numbers can be found in our contact us page.

3. Opening WIZZ Accounts and re-filling them

3.1. A WIZZ Account can be opened by the Customer by registering Passenger's data as described in point 1.3. If Passenger and Customer are not the same person Customer's invoicing data must also be specified.

3.2. Refilling the Wizz Account through WIZZ Account Refill can be done by making a payment by credit card or by bank transfer in the base currency chosen.

3.3. WIZZ Account refill can refill the account in the base currency.

3.4. Re-filling of WIZZ Accounts must be requested through the Call Centre. The Call Centre completes Passenger Registration, gives the Customer Wizz Air's bank account number into which payment must be made and the passenger’s WIZZ ID. The payment order must contain the WIZZ ID and Passenger name in the payment field.

3.5. Once your payment has arrived to Wizz Air bank account, we undertake to increase the Passenger's WIZZ Account balance within 2 days and to send a confirmation message via email. If a confirmation email is not received within 2 days, it is Passenger's responsibility to contact Wizz Air's Call Centre to inquire about the payment status and to help identify the payment if necessary.

3.6. Minimum amount we accept in one refill transaction: 300 EUR or equivalent in other currencies.

5. Invoicing

5.1. Wizz Air will automatically issue an invoice for the amount paid into the WIZZ Account and send it to the Passenger.

5.2. If Customer and Passenger are not the same person, and Customer requests the invoice when opening the account, Wizz Air will address and send the invoice to Customer.

6. Using the balance on the WIZZ Account

6.1. The balance available in the WIZZ Account may be used for paying reservations made for the Passenger and up-to 4 other people travelling together with the Passenger (family, friends, etc.). The balance can also be used for modifying the time and route of the Passenger's existing reservations. The reservation or the change might include ancillary services in addition to the ticket.

6.2. Reservations and changes to reservations can be made on-line (wizzair.com) or through Call Centre.

6.3. In reservations paid from WIZZ Account, the account holder has to be one of the passengers travelling.

6.4. When making or changing a reservation the WIZZ ID to which the WIZZ Account belongs must be typed in during the web booking or quoted to the Call Centre agent for Call Center bookings.

6.5. If the amount on the WIZZ Account is not sufficient to pay for the reservation the difference may be paid with a credit card.

6.6. If a reservation is made in a currency other than the WIZZ Account base currency the amount in the reservation currency will be converted to an amount in the base currency and this will be deducted from the WIZZ Account. When booking online you can only pay from your credit for flights priced in your chosen base currency. Any other flight can be booked through the Call Centre.

6.7. The balance in the WIZZ Account is available for 365 days after payment into the account is made. If there had been several payments these have separate expiry dates. Any balance left in the account upon expiry will be lost.

6.8. Money paid into the WIZZ Account is non-refundable and non-transferable.

6.9. Should Wizz Air cancel a flight that had been paid for from a WIZZ Account, the Passenger shall receive the price of that flight as credit.

6.10. WIZZ Account can only be used to purchase flights operated by Wizz Air Hungary (W6).

7. WIZZ Account balance

7.1 Information on WIZZ Account balance can be obtained on-line (wizzair.com) or from the Call Centre.

8. Termination of WIZZ Account

8.1 Wizz Air reserves the right to terminate the WIZZ Account with 30 days prior written notice to the Passenger. No new account can be opened and no new payments to the account can be made after the notice period. Passengers, however, can use the amount still available on their account in line with paragraph 6.7.

9. Other Provisions

9.1. Customer acknowledges the right of Wizz Air to process his/her data submitted when opening the WIZZ Account, for marketing purposes.

9.2. Both Customer and Passenger shall handle the WIZZ ID confidentially. Wizz Air shall not be liable for any damages arising from any kind of misuse of the WIZZ ID.

9.3. This agreement shall be construed and take effect in all respects in accordance with the Laws of Hungary. Disputes arising out of the present contract shall be primarily settled through discussions between the Contracting Parties. Contracting Parties declare the exclusive jurisdiction of the Central District Court of Pest of Hungary (Pesti Központi Kerületi Bíróság).

9.4. Except as specified in the present Agreement, the services purchased from Wizz Air by using the WIZZ Account shall be subject to the General Conditions of Carriage of Wizz Air.

9.5. Customer declares that he/she acknowledges the terms of the present Agreement. Customer further declares that he/she duly informed the Passenger of the terms of the present Agreement and that the Passenger understood and accepted these terms.

9.6. Wizz Air reserves the right of amendment of the terms. Wizz Air shall inform all Customers and Passengers of such amendments on its website (wizzair.com).