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1. Background

Wizz Air Hungary Airlines Ltd. (“WAH”) and/or Wizz Air Ukraine Airlines LLC (“WAU”) pay special attention to data protection. Data processing by WAH and WAU complies with relevant Hungarian or, as appropriate, Ukrainian data protection laws and is carried out in accordance with this Policy. WAH is registered at the registry maintained by Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information under number 01001.

2. The information we ask for and use of your data

2.1 Information.

In order to process your booking and carry out the air transport service and any related activities (e.g. billing, accounting, compliance with security rules, customs control, etc.) we require certain personal data. We collect information you provide when you book (including your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, credit or bank card number, information on special care) or when you search for tickets or other product or services on our website and other sites accessible from it.

2.2 Use of your data.

We use your information to provide our services. Your data will be used principally to meet your requirements. Your data may be used and retained for the following purposes: accounting, billing and audit, credit or other payment card verification and anti-fraud screening, immigration and customs control, safety, security, system testing, maintenance, improvement and development, health, administrative and legal purposes, statistical and marketing analysis. We may also use your data to communicate with you for administrative or operational purposes, for example flight alterations.

We retain the data you provide from time to time, including your purchase history and data we collect when you use our services and facilities.

2.3 Your consent.

By providing us with your personal data, you acknowledge and explicitly consent to WAH/WAU (as applicable), processing your personal data in accordance with this Policy and the relevant laws and regulations, including utilization of the data by WAH /WAU employees and the transmission of the data within or outside Hungary or Ukraine as specified herein. If you need special care and you request special assistance by providing us with information relating to your physical condition, you consent to and authorize us to use and, to the extent necessary, transfer such data so that we can take steps to provide this service.

2.4 Processing of your data by WAH is based on the Gov. Decree 25/1999 (II. 12.) and your voluntary consent. Processing of your data by WAU is based on the Law of Ukraine "On Personal Data Protection" dated 1 June 2010 No. 2297-VI as amended (the “Personal Data Law”) and your voluntary consent.

3. Disclosure to third parties and data processors

3.1 Disclosure of your data to other parties may be necessary to ensure the smooth provision of the products, services and information you request. For these and the above mentioned (see “Use of your data”) purposes we may allow access to your information by other parties who act for us as our data processors for the purposes set out in this policy or for other purposes approved by you.

You are hereby notified of and expressly consent to the disclosure, with no additional notification in relation to such a disclosure, of your data by WAU to the following data processors involved by WAU: Wizz Air Hungary Airlines Ltd.; ContactCenter LTD (ТОВ «КонтактЦентр»), and to all ground-handling agents providing services to WAU. Neither WAH nor WAU is liable for any damage arising from the use of your data by third parties specified above, to the extent permitted by the mandatory applicable laws.

If you obtain your WAH or WAU ticket through contracted ticket and ground-handling agents of WAH and WAU, you automatically consent to the process of your personal data by such parties as data processors of WAH/WAU (respectively).

3.2 Your information may be passed to and used by our associated companies within or outside the European Union. When providing us with your data you acknowledge and agree that we may transfer your personal data to our associated companies.

3.3 We may also pass your information on to government authorities or enforcement bodies upon their request and only as required by the applicable law.

3.4 We make certain third party offers available through our website. Should you choose to accept such an offer (such as insurance, transfer services, or SMS confirmation etc.) performed by third parties, we will disclose your contact, billing and other information to the third party who made the offer to the extent needed by those parties, and, by ordering such services, you expressly consent to the disclosure of your data, with no additional notification. In transferring your personal data we will use our best efforts to comply with applicable legislation, to ensure that the third parties shall comply therewith as well and to obtain all necessary permits (if such are required).

3.5 Third parties providing services:

- in case of insurance:AIG Europe Limited, London, (the AIG Building, 58 Fenchurch Street, London EC3M 4AB, United Kingdom) and its respective local branch offices and affiliates (Belgian Branch, Bulgaria branch, Cyprus branch, branch for the Czech Republic, AIG Europe Limited sivuliike, France Branch, Greece Branch, Magyarországi Fióktelep, Irish branch, Rappresentanza Generale per l’Italia, AIG Europe Limited Netherlands, AIG Europe Limited (NUF), AIG Europe Limited Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Oddział w Polsce, AIG Europe Limited (Sucursal en España), AIG Europe Limited UK Filial i Sverige AIG Europe Limited Londra - Sucursala Bucuresti Zurich Branch);

- in case of transfer: P-AIR Magyarország Kft. (1034 Budapest, Csillaghegyi street 19-21., Hungary,

- in case of reservation on certain flight as set out in the reservation system: Travellink AB (Box 1108, SE 172 22 Sundbyberg, Sweden)

- in case of SMS confirmation: Ltd. (Lyndean House, 43-46 Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3XB, UK,

- in case of online survey: Hotjar (Hotjar Ltd. 3 Lyons Range, 20 Bisazza Street, Sliema SLM 1640, Malta, Europe)

The services of third parties may also be governed by their privacy policies. Please review the privacy policies on the website of such third parties directly for more information about their data processing practices. In certain cases, both our and such third party’s terms and conditions and privacy policy shall be accepted to obtain the relevant service.

4. Security

4.1 We take reasonable technical and security measures to ensure the protection and safe storage of your personal data and to protect your personal data from unauthorised access, utilisation and being tampered with or unauthorised deletion. We pay special attention to the safe transmission of the personal and financial data. This data is transmitted from your computer to the booking server of Wizz Air and/or WAU through encrypted channels with the support of the state-of-the-art Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

4.2 If we transmit data to a country outside the European Union or Ukraine in accordance with this Policy we cannot guarantee that the data will be protected in accordance with EU or Ukrainian laws and regulations.

5. Use of your personal data for marketing or other purposes

5.1 We try to ensure that our website offers visitors what they are looking for. In order to achieve this goal, we may use your data for analytics purposes, for quality improvement, for service development, to improve the performance of the website, to measure the success of our advertising campaigns or to tailor services to your queries. For these purposes we may transfer your non-personally identifiable information such as, but not limited to, anonymous demographic information, online behaviour to our contracted partners (e.g. third party service providers listed in clause 3.5 or banks issuing WIZZ branded credit/debit cards, with special benefits). No such data will be disclosed to third parties except in aggregate, non-personally identifiable form.

5.2 By subscribing for newsletters you expressly consent – being aware of the adequate information on the data processing – to receive direct marketing communications including direct marketing or special offers of Wizz Air/WAU or of our contracted partners (e.g. banks issuing WIZZ branded credit/debit cards, with special benefits). For the purposes of sending you such direct marketing communications/special offers, we will process your following personal data: name, e-mail address.

5.3 Such consent is voluntary. You can unsubscribe any time without giving any reasoning, free of charge via the following link: , or the link provided in each newsletter, or via changing preferences in your Wizz profile.

6. Miscellaneous

6.1 If you register on our website, we assume that you are happy that we process your data given during the registration process and you do not have to provide your data again when making another booking.

6.2 When you make a booking you will be given a confirmation code. This appears in the confirmation email you receive after the booking. We advise that your confirmation code should be kept confidential at all times. Disclosure of your confirmation code to others may allow them to access your booking details and itinerary through our system.

6.3 Your personal data and the contracts concluded by and between you and WAH or WAU (respectively) are kept in our reservation system. If you would like to get information about your passenger registration record or any data stored by WAH or WAU (respectively), about the data processing and data processing entities (if any), or would like to request that your data be changed or deleted, please contact us by choosing the category of “General questions/ requests, regarding Privacy Policy” on .

6.4 As regards any data processing falling under the scope of the Hungarian Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information, you are entitled to the following rights and remedies:

You have the right to request information on the data processing, and to request the rectification, erasure or blocking of the personal data. If it is allowed under the applicable law, you can also object to the data processing. In the unexpected case when the rights related to the personal data are breached, you may turn to the Hungarian Data Protection Supervisory Authority (Nemzeti Adatvédelmi és Információszabadság Hatóság, 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/C.; telefon: +36-1+391-1400; telefax: +36-1-391-1410; e-mail: or to the competent court. Your detailed rights and remedies are set out in the sub-chapters 13-17 and sub-chapter 30 of Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information or in Article 8 of the Data Protection Law.

6.5 As regards any data processing by WAU falling under the scope of the Personal Data Law you may turn to the State Service of Ukraine on Personal Data Protection (Державнa служба України з питань захисту персональних даних, 15 Maryny Raskovoi St. 02660 Kyiv, Ukraine; telephone: +38 044 5176800; fax: +38 044 5176800; email: till 31 December 2013, and from 1 January 2014 – to the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights (Уповноважений Верховної Ради України з прав людини, 21/8 Instytutska St., 01008 Kyiv, Ukraine; telephone: +38 044 253-75-89; e-mail: or to the competent court.

6.6 We process your personal data for the time required for the performance of the above purposes or for the time prescribed in the relevant laws.

6.7 The website provides links to other websites for your convenience and information. Please be aware that these sites may be owned and run by other companies and organizations and have different security and privacy policies. Neither WAH nor WAU has control over and takes responsibility for any information, material, products or services contained on or accessible through those websites.

6.8 During the use of our website cookies are stored by your browser on your device. Read more about the cookies used by Wizz Air /WAU by clicking here . We store data sent by your browser and device to our website during the reservation process. We will only use such data in aggregated form for statistical purposes and to enable us further develop our service offering.

6.9 This Privacy Policy is effective from November 2013.