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„Wizz Air“

Informacija ir paslaugos


Užsisakyti pigų „Wizz Air“ skrydžio bilietą dar niekada nebuvo taip lengva kaip naudojantis šia NEMOKAMA mobiliąja programa.


Check timetables

Find out more about Wizz Air schedules and start booking from the timetable.

Search and book flights and services at low prices.

Sign up to Wizz Discount Club while making the reservation.

Review bookings

Review your reservations

Access myWizz

Access your myWizz profile to check contact details and other account information

Add services

Add services to your existing booking


Check-in with your mobile phone

Boarding pass

Check-in with your mobile phone and save boarding pass to Passbook

Flight status information

Check the status of your flight real time.

Išskleidžiamieji elementai

The Wizz Air App is FREE!
The app is available on mobile devices with Android 2.3.6 or higher and iPhones with iOS 6.0 or higher.

With this free app you can access the following features:

  • Review your existing bookings
  • Check flight schedules
  • Add services to your existing bookings
  • Book Wizz Air flights
  • Flight status information
Anyone who can download the app has access to the features.
You will need to register on

No, you will need to visit and click on ‘Forgot your password?’ and a new password will be sent to the email address registered to your account.

The easiest way to become a WIZZ Discount Club member is to begin your flight booking either via the mobile app or on Immediately after selecting your flight, a prompt will appear asking you to join WIZZ Discount Club. Follow these simple steps to secure your flight booking and club membership.
Please note that you cannot become a member of the WIZZ Discount Club without purchasing a flight. For more information about the WIZZ Discount Club member please visit

Yes, you can check in using the app. If you check-in with the app, you have the following options to retrieve your boarding pass:

  • Visit, enter your flight confirmation number and print your boarding pass
  • Save your boarding pass to Passbook* to have access even when your phone is offline
  • Retrieve your boarding pass via the app if your phone is connected to the internet

It is your responsibility to make sure that either you have your boarding pass saved to Passbook or you have internet access at all times during the check-in and boarding process.
Some airports in the Wizz Air network do not yet support mobile boarding passes. In such cases, when you check-in using the app, a mobile boarding pass will not be generated. Please visit, retrieve your reservation and print your boarding card.

*Passbook is a native Apple iPhone and iPod touch app that was introduced as part of iOS 6. For Android devices we recommend Passwallet application to view and store your Wizz Air boarding cards. These apps allow users to store and use electronic coupons, airline boarding passes, train tickets, movie and other event tickets, reward club cards, gift cards, as well as other forms of mobile payment.

Yes, you can add WIZZ Xpress Priority Boarding, WIZZ Reserved Seat, WIZZ XXLong Extra Legroom or WIZZ Flight Info during the booking process.
You can also add these services to already existing reservations via the ‘Add Services’ function.

Yes, you can use the app to purchase your large cabin bag, checked-in baggage, and check-in options during the booking process.
You can also add these services to already existing reservations via the ‘Add Services’ function.

Yes, by entering your booking confirmation code you can add priority and comfort options, baggage, and airport check-in to all existing bookings. You can add these options even if you did not personally make the original booking. It is possible to add services to only one booking even if there are multiple passengers on the same confirmation code.

For name change or flight changes, please visit or call the Wizz Air Call Centre. Phone numbers are available in the ‘Contact Us’ section on