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Pelendava, former Dacian fortress, situated in Jiu plain, has gradually outlined a specific social and economic life and came to be known as Craiova long before the first documentary certification of June the1st, 1475 of Prince Basarab Laiotă. Craiova became, later, chair of Craioveşti Banie, the place where Mihai Viteazul (Michael the Brave), startet, and who, in short time, became the first ruler of Romanian, Moldova and Transylvania.

The current appearance of Craiova, with modern architectural lines, with a large industrial presence, social and cultural dimensions gives the city the dimension of a true metropolis. In Craiova exists over 12,000 companies and the main activities are industries, currently at about 70%, commerce, services, import - export and construction.

Cultural dimension of contemporary Craiova is designed by prestigious institutions such as: the National Theatre, University Theater of Opera and Operetta "Elena Teodorini" Puppet Theatre, State Philharmonic "Oltenia" Museum "Oltenia", Museum of Art, houses memorials "Traian Demetrescu "and" Elena Farago "Magazine" branches "of the Writers' Union of Romania and others.


In the inter-war period, the cubist style prevailed on the buildings in Craiova, but signs of modernity were also visible.

The architect Constantin Iotzu was the one who added two edifices to the Romanian style – The White House and “Ramuri” Palace.

The edifices of important economic and cultural institutions were built during the same period: The Institute of Graphic Art “Romanian Writing”, “Elena Cuza” National College, “Buzeşti Brothers” National College, “Gheorghe Chiţu” Commercial High School, The Discount Bank (Palace Hotel) – today one of the headquarters of the Town Hall, Madona Dudu Church.


Romanescu Park is one of the most outstanding objectives of Craiova, forming a complex lying over more than 96 has, inaugurated on february 1903 and considerated one of the most representative landscape art monument of Romania. 

Park St. Dumitru (Banie Garden) is an example of integration of targets belonging to the site's historic Craiova (Banie House, the Metropolitan Cathedral St. Dumitru) in an ensemble with landscaped green space as a public gardens 23 800 sq. Within this space stands roses and statuary group of brothers Buzeşti. 

Botanical Garden, located in northwest central part of Craiova and designed by French landscape architect E. Redont initially as a public park, was redirected to function as botanical garden after 1952, gaining time and destination for scholars and botanical research, in addition to the entertainment. 

A separate category is formed by large parks located in the peripheral extension of the city. Of these, Jiu Meadow forest landscape is characterized by the complete potential for sightseeing and recreation, roads, alleys, sports, camping, sculptural artwork.

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