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Wizz Air introduces charge for all checked-in luggage

Wizz Air said today that it would introduce further measures to speed up the check-in and increase the efficiency of the baggage handling process. Following the airline’s announcement last October to charge if there was more than one checked-in bag, Wizz Air will now charge for each bag. The baggage charge will be 3 euros per bag if paid at the time of the initial booking and 6 euros if paid after it (via call centre or at the airport). Passengers are encouraged to take as few bags as they can to save time and increase efficiency of the check-in process.

The measures will be introduced today and apply to all passengers who book from today for travel after 27 October. All the passengers who booked before and travel after 27 October will not be charged at the airport.

The new policy will not change the current rule that allows only one handbag on board not exceeding 10 kg. The excess baggage charge of 8 euros for each kg over the 20 kg allowance also remains unchanged.

‘We are pursuing our philosophy of charging the passengers according to their needs and we are using this change to keep our airfares down. Passengers who will only travel with carry on luggage will benefit for even lower fares. At the same time less checked-in baggage will further increase the operational efficiency of the airline that will help us to maintain and further improve our on-time performance.’ – said Natasa Kázmér, Head of Corporate Communication and Public Affairs.