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A Wizz Air, Közép- és Kelet-Európa legnagyobb diszkont légitársasága a dubaji Al Maktoum nemzetközi repülőtérről induló és oda érkező járataira olcsó jegyeket kínál Magyarországra, Bulgáriába, Lengyelországba és Romániába. Szállodai és autókölcsönző partnereink olcsó hotelek és autókölcsönzési lehetőségek széles választékával teszik teljessé utazását.

Az Al Maktoum nemzetközi repülőtér elhelyezkedése ideális az új Dubaj szívében. A repülőtér vonzó alternatívát kínál az új Dubajba tartó cégeknek és turistáknak, akik a közvetlen közelben megtalálják többek között Dzsebel Alit, a dubaji internet- és médiavárost és a Palm Marinát, melyekhez külön tömegközlekedési kapcsolatok vezetnek.


Renowned for its futuristic skyline of twisting towers and skyscrapers, there is so much more to this exhilarating metropolis than first meets the eye. Dubai is an adventurous and energetic playground for families, couples and friends, with a vast array of attractions and experiences to be enjoyed. Step back in time in historic souks where bartering has taken place for hundreds of years; soak up the cultural melting pot of traditions and festivals; and venture into the glorious desert to experience the delights of the Arabian sands. 

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Dubai’s coastline is an adventure playground where everyone is invited. 

The entire city benefits from its close proximity to beach and marine life, and it is to the glorious beaches of Dubai that the city’s holidaymakers and residents flock all year around. It is here that beach games are won and lost, sandcastles are built, tans are topped up, picnics are eaten, and a whole host of thrilling watersports are offered. Wondering where to enjoy the sun? Click here



A fusion of modern and traditional culture awaits 

Dubai offers a myriad of galleries, theatre and concert venues, and literary spaces all of which boast a packed programme of events and workshops throughout the year. On the other hand, if it’s heritage and history you’re looking for then head to the Creek. Here you will discover the original souks that have served as open markets for hundreds of years; you’ll cross the chaotic waters in a wooden abra and be able to explore the museums and winding pathways of Al Fahidi Historic District. Looking for more cultural discoveries, click here for itineraries. 



In one of the leading shopping destinations of the world 

With over 95 shopping malls, a plethora of home-grown labels, and the delights of the historic souks and markets, Dubai is the A to Z of retail. But of course, retail therapy is just the start – shopping in Dubai means sightseeing, culture, dining and fantastic entertainment all rolled into one. Where else in the world can you break from your shopping spree to swim with sharks or ski down a snowy mountain – without leaving the mall? Where else can you barter for spices in an historic souk, then minutes later saunter down Fashion Avenue in search of the very latest designer watch? Want to find treasure at every turn, just click here



Creating family memories that last for generations 

A safe environment with glorious beaches, family-friendly hotels and no end of thrilling attractions make Dubai one of the most popular holiday destinations for families. Where else can you play on the beach in the morning, go skiing or snowboarding at lunchtime, explore the desert in the afternoon and then watch dancing fountains beneath the world’s tallest tower? Looking for ultimate family break experiences, just click here



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A repülőtér Dubaj városközpontjától 15–30 percre található autóval.

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Autókölcsönzés már 8 €/nap áron.

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