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Priority Boarding



Skip the line at boarding and be amongst the firsts to board the plane.




40 x 30 x 18 cm

e.g.: camera, laptop bag


Skip the line at boarding and take an extra personal item on board with WIZZ Priority Boarding!

How does it work?

  • you will be called first to go through the gate and will be able to get on the aircraft directly
  • you can take one additional personal item on board in addition to your cabin bag, such as a camera bag, laptop or handbag 
  • when boarding by bus, you will be provided with a dedicated section at the front and the door of the bus in your section will be opened first, allowing you priority access to the aircraft

Priority Boarding gives you priority when boarding the aircraft, but there are no priority benefits during the check-in or security control processes. If you want to breeze through security, purchase Security Fast Track

Please note that you must be at the boarding gate at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of the flight.

How to get Priority Boarding?

  • add Priority Boarding during the booking process
  • add it later on your flight summary page
  • call the Wizz Air Call Centre
  • purchase at the airport for a higher fee


The priority boarding fee is 

  • [priority-boarding location=WizzairComCallCentre] if you buy online or through the Wizz Air Call Centre
  • [priority-boarding location=Airport] if you buy the service at the airport
  • non-refundable

The purchase of WIZZ Priority Boarding will be visible on your boarding card:

  • The word “PRIORITY” will appear on your home printed boarding card if you check in online or;
  • The abbreviation "PRB" or "PASS" will appear on your mobile boarding pass if you checked in on your mobile or;
  • A sticker will be placed on your boarding card at the airport check-in desk.