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WIZZ Credit Card Romania


Smart travel

  • Free access to WIZZ Discount Club Group membership offering:

               ✔ 90 Lei discount/flight, for you and 5 friends

               ✔ 23 lei discount for hold luggage bought online

               ✔ 25 lei bonus at your first purchase on Wizz Air annualy

  • Free access to Mastercard Business Lounge in Henri Coanda Airport, |SKY Lounge and Jet Lounge in  Vienna Airport
  • Shopping means loyalty points, which you can redeem for Wizz Air flight ticket discounts



Shopping benefits

  • Up to 55 days grace period with zero interest rate, for full payment shopping
  • E-statement
  • Free SMS alert service
  • ZERO commissioning for POS payment, anywhere in the world

 MasterCard World® Benefits


Free interest rate installments anywhere

Installments Anywhere program is specially designed so that you can enjoy any offer, whenever you come across it.

No matter from where you want to buy the things you need, from a local shop, a mall or online, from Romania or abroad, you can split any transaction into up to 6 installments.

How does it work?

Easy! For any shopping worth more than 500 Lei, we send you a SMS* informing you that you can chose the installments.

You have 3 days from the day you made the transaction to decide if you want to convert the payment in installments or not and to call us or reply us to the SMS we’ve sent you.

Through the Shop & Travel loyalty program, if you follow the 3 simple steps described below     you earn points that turn into credit directly into  your wizzair.com account.


Take your new WIZZ Bancpost credit card and use it for your everyday shopping.

Any POS full payment, in store or online1 LEU = 2 points
Any payment on wizzair.com1 LEU = 4 points


Accumulate at least 2,000 points, call Customer Service Bancpost (021 308 4557 – normal charges apply) and transform them into credit on your wizzair.com account.

Accumulated pointsCredit you receive in your wizzair.com account
2.00020 LEI
5.00050 LEI
10.000100 LEI
15.000150 LEI


Use the earned credit to buy anything you want on wizzair.com:

  • Tickets
  • Baggage charge
  • Priority boarding services
  • And any other Wizz Air service bought during the booking process, except renting car services.

You can find out at any time how many points you have accumulated and how much you can immediately convert into credit into your wizzair.com account by electronic account statement or by calling Customer Service Bancpost (tel: 021 308 4557).

Fraud prevention warning for your security, all transactions are monitored based on your individual payment history. If we notice any suspicious transaction we’ll contact you by telephone to confirm the transaction in question.

Only 3.5% monthly payment Enjoy the financial flexibility offered by the credit limit and you can choose the amount to be repaid monthly, between the minimum requested payment of 3.5% from the used amount and the total used amount.

Automatic direct debit You can benefit from a seamless experience with the new direct debit facility from Bancpost. At every monthly due date the payment is made automatically from your current account opened at Bancpost. This service can be activated by calling Customer Service at 021-308-45-57.

Easy to use, easy to repay You will benefit from the most accessible payment methods: non-stop cash deposit at any Bancpost Payments Express, direct debit, from any current account opened at any bank.


DAE for a WIZZ Bancpost World MasterCard credit card is 32.16% per year, for a total amount of credit of 5.367 Lei, calculated over a period of one year, considering the variable interest rate for purchases of 26% per year, issuing fee 0 Lei and annual management fee of 60 Lei. The total amount payable is 6.213 Lei.WIZZ Bancpost card is a Bancpost S.A. product. All details available on www.bancpost.ro

For complete terms and conditions regarding „Shop&Travel” program please access www.bancpost.ro. Installments anywhere program applies only for shopping bigger than 200 Lei. For complete details, please see www.bancpost.ro, Retail Banking section.