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WIZZ Credit Card Poland


Check out  the rewards you receive using the Wizz Air MasterCard credit card:

  • 1 point for every PLN 5 spent,
  • 2 points for every PLN 5 spent on wizzair.com website,
  • 500 points to start with for the first transaction for which points are awarded,
  • PLN 0 for membership in the WIZZ Discount Club worth PLN 229, guaranteeing a PLN 45 discount for every flight ticket from PLN 99

Moreover, points will also be awarded for transactions made using additional cards!

See how fast you can collect funds to pay for your trip!

PLN 500PLN 6,0001 200500PLN 170
PLN 1,500PLN 18,0003 600500PLN 410
PLN 3,000PLN 36,0007 200500PLN 770

By concluding transactions on the wizzair.com website you will collect points even faster!
You will also save PLN 229 thanks to the free membership in the WIZZ Discount Club and PLN 45 PLN each time you purchase a ticket from PLN 99.

How to pay less thanks to points?

You may transfer the points collected with the card to the WIZZ Account by calling the Raiffeisen Polbank Call Center at +48 22 549 99 99 or 801 180 801. For every 10 points collected you will receive PLN 1.

The credit card will also give you the following benefits:

Interest-free credit – pay for everything within the limit awarded to you, you have up to 56 days interest free,

Instalments on the card – the instalment credit on the card will allow you to spread larger purchases into instalments which you can conveniently repay,

Transfer from the card – you may transfer funds from the credit card account to any other account at any time and to take advantage of the interest-free period,

SMS service – no matter where you are, you will receive text messages about every transaction made and about the approaching payment deadline,

PayPass minicard – thanks to this card you will be able to pay even faster for small purchases without spending your change, without a traditional card, without a signature,

R-Online Internet banking and Mobile Bank application – electronic banking will provide you continuous access to the card’s account.

How to order the card?

It’s easy – you don’t have to leave your home! Just fill out a form and... that's it.

Detailed rules of the credit card Wizz Air MasterCard can be found in the “Rules of the Wizz Air Loyalty Program” available at kartawizz.pl.