WIZZ Credit Card Poland (RRSO= 12,42-)

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WIZZ Credit Card Poland (RRSO= 12,42%*)


Check out what you can get using the Wizz Air Mastercard credit card:

  • 1 point for every PLN 10 spent,
  • 2 points for every PLN 10 spent on wizzair.com website,
  • 500 bonus points for the first transaction made within 6 months since the card is issued
  • PLN 0 for membership in the WIZZ Discount Club worth PLN 139, guaranteeing a PLN 45 discount for every flight ticket from PLN 89

Moreover, points will also be collected for transactions made by additional cards!

How to pay less thanks to points?

You may transfer the points collected with the card to the WIZZ Account by calling BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. Call Center at 801 321 123, 22 134 00 00, 48 500 990 500**. For every 10 points collected you will receive PLN 1.

** cost according to your pricing of call service provider

The credit card will also give you the following benefits:

Interest-free credit – pay for everything within the limit granted to you, you have up to 56 days of grace period,

Instalments on the card – we allow you to split larger purchases – from amount of 300 zł - into instalments which you can conveniently repay,

Money transfer from the card – you may transfer funds from the credit card account to any other account at any time and to take advantage of grace period (commision according to schedule of fees and charges),

SMS service – no matter where you are, you will receive text messages about every card transaction made and about the approaching repayment deadline,

Online Internet banking and Mobile Wallet – electronic banking will provide you continuous access to the card’s account.

* For a Wizz Air Mastercard credit card with a Credit Limit of (total credit amount) PLN 5,600, nominal variable interest rate of 10%, monthly card fee PLN 6, the total amount to be paid is PLN 7 011.26 , APR is 12.42%. The calculations were made on 01/03/2019. This material is only marketing and informational, it does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code.