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How to make a bank transfer


Missing the deadline

The payment must be made within 1 banking day after making the booking or it will be cancelled. If you do not receive confirmation of your reservation within 5 days of making the bank transfer, please contact the Wizz Air Call Centre to verify that your payment has been received.

Confirmation code error

Making a mistake when typing the confirmation code into the comments field makes it impossible to identify the reservation. If the confirmation code doesn’t match the code sent in the instruction email, the reservation will be cancelled. Payments which cannot be identified will be transferred back after deducting administrative costs.

Multiple bookings paid with one transfer

Multiple bookings (with different confirmation codes) need to be settled with separate bank transfers. If only one bank transfer covers several bookings, we will not be able to reconcile the payments and the reservations will be cancelled.

If you wish to pay by bank transfer, you need to make your reservation at least 14days before the departure date.

Insufficient amount transferred

The amount of the bank transfer needs to cover the full amount of the reservation. In case the payment doesn’t cover the full amount of the reservation, it will be cancelled.