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Stunning architecture and a unique culture - sample delicious cuisine or toast your stay with a locally brewed tipple in Ukraine!
Why Visit Ukraine?
Ukraine is a country with a sometimes tumultuous past that has helped shape it into a destination rich in culture, arts and history. The capital of Kyiv has sights including the National Opera House, St. Sophia’s Cathedral and the world’s deepest station, Arsenalna. Meanwhile, Crimea in the south is famed for its stunning beaches. 
What to See in Ukraine?
The city of Odesa should be high on your list of must-sees. This historic city was once the main city of Ukrainian trade, the old town is a charming place to visit, with several parks and an opera house. Western Ukraine enjoys a unique mesh of cultures, including German and Polish, Lviv’s UNESCO World Heritage centre is the best place to experience this melting pot.
Ukraine’s Food
Like many Eastern European destinations, Ukraine enjoys a reputation of serving up delicious food and drink. Perhaps one of the most famous foodie exports is the chicken Kyiv, best enjoyed in the city itself, and Borscht soup. National drinks include Horilka, a liquor commonly flavoured with chilli peppers.