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The European capital of hiking, skiing, chocolate and a marvellous mesh of cultures, a visit to Switzerland is sure to be memorable!

Why Visit Switzerland?

The alpine capital is, unsurprisingly, famed for its fantastic hiking and climbing opportunities. Even those seeking a more relaxed holiday can still enjoy the gorgeous natural beauty of the country and should be sure to visit the iconic Matterhorn mountain, just one of seven natural wonders to be found in this stunning country. 

Things You Must Do in Switzerland 

Aside from hiking through the beautiful countryside, the urban offerings of Switzerland are just as stunning. Geneva and Zurich often outshine the capital with their international fame as centres of politics and trade, but Berne, set on the shores of the river Aare – where you can swim in the summer - is well worth a visit. Alternatively, travel the country in style on the Glacier Express into the Alps. 

Swiss Innovation

Switzerland is well known for its fantastic inventions, like the Swiss army knife. Chocolate and cheese to please true connoisseurs make for the most delicious souvenirs, but if you’re looking to impress, Swiss watches are the best in the world.