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Set in the Balkans, Serbia is a country with something to offer guests no matter the season, including outdoor activities, culture and delicious cuisine!

Why Visit Serbia?

Home to Tesla, vampires and the birthplace of over a dozen Roman Emperors, Serbia has an incredibly rich history – in fact, its capital of Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in Europe. It’s home to a wealth of national parks like Djerdap, spa towns including Vrnjačka Banja and sites of ancient history such as Viminacium. 

Essential Sites in Serbia

Natural highlights include Kopaonik, a leading ski resort and Palić’s baroque parks and stunning lakes. Vršac is known for its many vineyards - worth a visit for wine connoisseurs. Arrive in summer and splavs, or floating units, along the Danube river are a sight to behold.

Serbia’s Nightlife

Perhaps not commonly associated with Serbia, the country has a thriving nightlife, and locals like to “work hard, play hard”. Belgrade is something of a party capital, famous for all-night parties. Splavs are the place to find the top clubs, usually busy seven nights a week and inaccessible without a reservation.