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The Nordic countries are the stylish holiday destination of choice, where design, cuisine and a distinctly relaxed outlook on life are impossible to resist. Head to Norway!

Why Visit Norway?

Norway was traditionally associated with cold and snow-dusted cities but modern travellers will discover it’s a country with plenty of scandi-cool! The locals love their nature as much as tourists do, but urban living in the capital of Oslo comes with an extra dose of chic, where coffee, dining and nightlife is done to high standards.

What to See in Norway

Oslo and Bergen are two of Norway’s best-known cities, seeming to contrast with their modern and traditional aesthetics, but variety is key to seeing the best of this country. Go from the Museum of Cultural History to the glorious fjords before standing on Preikestolen!

Midnight Sun in Norway

Home of the endless day, or endless night, timing your trip to Norway just right can result in the unforgettable experience of the moon at midday, or the bright sun at midnight. Head to the city of Tromsø during the long winter for one of the best places to spot the Northern Lights.