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A country that truly reflects the unique diversity of the Balkan region, Macedonia is a mix of historic towns, beautiful nature and an eclectic mesh of cultures. 

Why Visit Macedonia?

Macedonia is a compact country that has plenty to offer explorers. The central region of Povardarie is set along the Vardar River and includes cities and towns full of attractions. The West homes the UNESCO-protected town of Ohrid and the more rural East is where to experience the country’s natural beauty. 

Must-Sees in Macedonia 

Be sure to enjoy the beautiful open spaces of Mavrovo National Park – Mavrovo Mountain is the region’s highest. For more urban sights, head to Skopje, the capital, where its Ottoman past now blends harmoniously with modern structures. Explore the bridges and the fortress before taking the cable car up to the Millennium Cross.

Macedonia the Foodie Capital

Macedonia is fast being recognised by foodies. Skara, or grill, is a national passion when it comes to food, with meats and fish being grilled to perfection. The national dish is also sure to be a people pleaser, as the warming stew-like Tavce gravce is completely vegetarian, unless served with its common accompaniment of sausage.