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Rich in art, culture and beautiful beaches, Latvia is worthy of being a holiday destination for all kinds of travellers!

Why Visit Latvia?

Latvia’s pretty cities may have architecture and celebrations that make it seem good for festive visits only, and while it is a fantastic Christmas destination, the country also boasts many gorgeous beaches for summer getaways and plenty of beautiful forests to get lost in during a spring hike!

Must-Sees in Latvia

Riga’s old town is a great starting point for seeing the best of Latvia. A UNESCO-protected site, every inch of this area is photo-worthy, featuring Art Nouveau architecture. Jurmala is just 30 minutes from the capital and offers blue oceans, sandy beaches and a pleasant boulevard of bars and cafes. Gauja National Park is just one of many in Latvia and home to castles as well as endless hiking trails.

Latvia’s Nature

Latvia boasts some of the world's most pristine natural beauty, from beaches offering sun, sea and sand to marshes that have created eerily beautiful landscapes to explore. There are four national parks in the country, with both Gauja National Park and Ķemeri National Park being in easy reach of Riga.