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Israel is a truly beautiful country that everyone should see at least once. It will keep you coming back for more!

Why Visit Israel?

Israel is a compact country, which just means it’s easier to explore! Jerusalem is rich with history and home to three religions, all reflected in its architecture. The Holy City is often an inspiring trip and beyond the urban centres visitors will find beaches, deserts and nature reserves. And that’s before mentioning the delicious cuisine of falafel, baba ganoush and shakshouka, to name just a few!

Must-Sees in Israel

An excellent base for any holiday is Tel Aviv. This amazingly cosmopolitan city is awake 24/7 and has all the bars, clubs and centres of art one would expect of a modern metropolis. Other wonders include the beautiful Ein Gedi oasis, the ancient fortress of Masada and the lush landscapes of Galilee. 

Israel’s Dead Sea

An international attraction and a true phenomenon, the Dead Sea features the world’s saltiest water formation, making it impossible to sink. Bring a newspaper and try and recreate the iconic shot – reading it while floating!