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Looking for culture, cuisine and stunning nature? Try Poland!

Why Visit Poland?

The profile of Poland is wonderfully varied, from cosmopolitan cities like Wroclav to stunning landscapes as found in the Olstyn-Mazury area. Poland enjoys a climate that makes it ideal for skiing in winter and perfect for a summer getaway come June and there are celebrations throughout the year.

Must-sees in Poland

Top attractions are the gorgeous old towns of Krakow and Centennial Hall of beautiful Wroclav, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Gdansk is also a uniquely charming city in Poland. Outside of the cities, the Tatra Mountains are favoured for skiing and hiking, Białowieża Forest is home to 800 bison and to the north are the Slowinski Sand Dunes. 

Poland’s Gastronomy 

Poland’s biggest claim to fame is its food and drink. Polish classics include Pierogi dumplings, Bigos, a hearty stew, and the Polish twist on Goulash, known as Gulasz.  Poland is one of the top beer and vodka capitals of the world. Try the popular Okocim beer or Żubrówka vodka, flavoured with grass! Poland also makes wines, including grzaniec mulled wine, to be enjoyed in copious amounts at Christmas time.