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How to book?

For more information on your booking options, please view the how to book page.

Is it safe to book a ticket online?

We make our best efforts, including taking reasonable technical and security actions, for the protection and safe storage of your personal data and to protect your personal data from unauthorised access, utilisation, being tampered with or unauthorised deletion. We pay special attention to the safe transmission of personal and financial data. This data is transmitted from your computer to the booking server of Wizz Air through encrypted channels with the support of the state-of-the-art Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Moreover we offer a new online security service for VISA and MasterCard cardholders. Verified by VISA and MasterCard Secure Code schemes enable you to register an additional password to your credit card. By doing this you will help to prevent unauthorised purchases on your credit card which means that you can shop online with added security and peace of mind. During check-out, if your bank is participating, you will be asked to register for either scheme. Simply follow the online instructions to set up your new password. Some banks do offer an option to sign up later, but others will insist that you sign up to the scheme immediately in order for you to complete your online transaction. These schemes will soon become compulsory for all cardholders. If you have any questions about the scheme please contact your card issuer directly.

Can I book connecting flights?

Wizz Air does not operate connecting flights and therefore cannot facilitate the transfer of passengers or their baggage to other flights (whether operated by Wizz Air or other air carriers). For this reason, we do not accept liability for any onward flights passengers may miss. We strongly advise you to allow sufficient time between the scheduled time of arrival of the incoming flight and the scheduled time of departure of the onward flight.

I had almost finished the booking process when I received the message "Session Expired"? What does it mean?

For security reasons the time limit for making a reservation is 30 minutes. After this the system logs off automatically. If this message occurs at the end of the booking process please contact our Call Centre, quoting the date of departure and route to check if the reservation was completed.

I mixed up my first name and last name in the booking. Is it a problem?

It is better to change it in order to avoid misunderstandings at the airport. This is not a name change, so no name change fees will be applied. Please call our Call Centre as they can change it for free of charge.

I mistyped the passenger's name/phone number/email address during the booking online. What should I do?

Please contact our Call Centre for help and they will correct the errors free of charge.
Please note that the correction of typos is subject to the following conditions: no more than 3 characters need to be modified and the request is made to our call center at least 3 hours before flight departure. In case modifying 1, 2 or 3 characters would result in a completely different name or surname, a name change fee will be charged as this modification is not considered as correction of typos.

My partner and I have just booked a flight but by the time of our travel we will have gotten married and the itinerary contains my wife’s maiden name. What shall we do?

In such cases a name change will be necessary, which can be done free of charge given that the travel document and the marriage certificate are provided. Please contact our Customer Relations Department by submitting the following form Claimson our website as soon as possible or contact our Call Centre.
Our Customer Relations Department will contact you and will provide details on where to address the required document.
It may take 30 days to answer your e-mail, should your request be urgent we recommend that you contact our Call Centre.

When is my reservation confirmed?

If you paid with a credit/debit card, upon completing the reservation process you will receive a confirmation page (on screen) and a copy will be sent to you via e-mail. If you have not received the confirmation e-mail (Itinerary) please check your e-mail filter settings and any mailboxes that hold filtered mail. Your itinerary will include your confirmation code, dates, total fare, and all other necessary details. This information can be accessed through your Wizz Air Profile under ’my bookings’ section if your booking was made while you were logged in.

What is my confirmation code?

You will obtain a confirmation code (PNR) once the booking is successfully completed. It will be displayed on the confirmation page as well as in the itinerary sent via e-mail (confirmation e-mail). It consists of 6 characters (including either numbers and/or letters). Please note that it never contains the number 0 (zero) it is always the letter ‘O’.

How do I cancel my reservation?

It is not possible to cancel your booking online. As most cancellation requests are of an urgent nature we kindly ask you to contact our Call Centre immediately. Please note that cancellations will be handled in accordance with our General Conditions of Carriage (Article 6.5.1.).

Can I make changes to my reservation?

It is possible to change flight dates and times, destination and passengers’ names online through the myWizz ’ account or via the Call Centre up to 3 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of the flight. Please note that these changes will involve change fees. Additional services can also be purchased, such as WIZZ Xpress priority boarding, WIZZ XXLong extra legroom, etc.

Wizz Air changed my flight(s). What can I do now?

In case of amendments of contract by Wizz Air we will contact you to inform of the change and your possibilities via e-mail to the address that was provided at the time of your reservation. Please be sure to check your e-mail filter settings and any mailboxes that hold filtered mail so that you can receive relating notifications. Furthermore, please follow updates posted on our website.

I would like to add one more passenger to my reservation. how can I do that??

Unfortunately this is not possible. Please make a new booking for your travel partner.

I have a reservation for 6 passengers and one of us would like to travel on a different date but I cannot change the flight online. what should I do?

Due to technical limitations partial flight change is not allowed for bookings with 2 or more passengers. Please contact our Call Centre and our agents will help you.


How can I travel with my child/infant?

Infants up to the age of 2 may fly for an infant fee, in the accompanying adult's lap, however, if the price of the accompanying one–way adult fare is lower than the current fees, the same amount will be applied for the infant fee. No more than 1 infant per accompanying person is allowed. The infant fee may be paid online during the booking process or through the Call Centre. For more information, please view the booking children page. Infants must be under the age of 2 for both the departure and the return flight. Should the infant reach the age of 2 after the departure and before the return journey, a seat must be purchased and in such case separate reservations should be created for the onward and return flights. Children over the age of two will not be allowed to travel in the accompanying adult’s lap.

Is an infant entitled to any baggage allowance?

Infants are not entitled to any baggage allowance with the exception of a pushchair / foldable baby carriage / infant car seat per infant (carried free of charge). One of these items will also be carried free of charge for children (between the age of 2 years and 14 years old). Please note that prams and pushchairs shall be checked in with other baggage and will be carried free of charge only if the user of the equipment is travelling. However if no infant or child is involved, these items will be carried as checked-in baggage for an additional fee.

Can children under 14 travel alone?

Children under 14 can only fly if they are accompanied by an adult who is at least 16 years old and who will take full responsibility for the child. For more information on booking children, please view the booking children page.
Please note that special conditions apply for Romanian citizens under the age of 18. In accordance with Romanian law no. 248 of 2005 [regarding the regime of the free movement of the Romanian citizens abroad], Romanian citizens under the age of 18 years may only travel abroad if accompanied by both his/her parents or one parent / one adult and possess the required documentation. Wizz Air will refuse carriage of passengers who fail to present the necessary documentation.
Please kindly inquire about the formalities before traveling.

Can I take baby walker/tricycle instead of the pushchair?

No.Only one pushchair / foldable baby carriage / infant car seat per infant is accepted to check in free of charge.

I already have a reservation. How can I bring my child?

Please contact our Call Centre and our agents will help you.


I am a wheelchair user. How can I get help, special assistance?

Passengers requiring wheelchair assistance must advise the Call Centre at the time of booking. Wheelchairs powered by wet cell, spillable battery cannot be accepted for travel. For further details please check the travel conditions section.

What should I do if I need special assistance at the airport?

If the passenger’s need for assistance was registered at the time of reservation, ground services will be aware and will act accordingly. Please go to the check-in desk as early as possible where the ground services will provide assistance.

I am pregnant. Can I fly?

Pregnant women shall not travel on Wizz Air flights after the 34th week of pregnancy. Women who are over their 28th week of pregnancy can travel on Wizz Air flights only on the condition that they obtain a medical certificate approving their fitness to travel by air. Wizz Air will only be liable in accordance with these General Conditions of Carriage for any health problems to pregnant women and/or their unborn child that may occur during or as a result of carriage by air.


What forms of payment can be used?

Wizz Air accepts Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, UATP, and the Wizz Co-branded debit and credit cards for payment. In case you do not have a credit/debit card or your card is not accepted to make online payments, it is possible to pay for your flight via bank transfer or Wizz Account credit.

If you have a Wizz Voucher, it is also possible to use it for booking your ticket. The remaining amount (if any) should be paid with bank card.Voucher conditions

Do I receive an invoice?

Wizz Air provides electronic invoices of the Total Fare. Electronic invoices will be dispatched by electronic means only to the e-mail address provided upon reservation. Electronic invoices are issued in compliance with the relevant Hungarian legal regulations. Additionally, a paper copy of the electronic invoice may be requested through the Call Centre for a fee. Such paper copy of the invoice will be sent by post to the address provided during the booking process. You may request a modified invoice containing different invoicing details than those provided upon reservation for which we reserve the right to charge a fee. For more information please read our billing guide.

What should I do if my credit card is rejected?

Please make sure to use a valid credit card. Your credit card number must be entered in consecutive numerals; do not include "spaces" or "-". Also, be sure to check that there are no blank spaces at the end of the credit card number. If the problem persists, please contact your bank in order to check if the online payment is allowed on your card or if there is a limit of purchase.

I would like to pay for my ticket by bank transfer. When do I have to transfer the amount?

The payment must be carried out within 24 hours of making the booking. The booking confirmation may take up to 4-5 working days.

I have paid by bank transfer. How will I know if Wizz Air has received my payment?

In case you do not receive confirmation of your reservation within 5 working days of making the bank transfer, and/or your booking status will appear as “hold” under your Wizz Air Profile, please contact the Call Centre to verify whether your payment has been received. Please do not send payment confirmations unless you are asked to provide proof of payment in case that it cannot be traced.

I have reserved a flight ticket requesting bank transfer payment however I would now prefer to pay my balance by credit card.

You have to make a new booking online, at the most current fares.

I booked a flight and I believe that the amount debited from my credit card is incorrect. What shall I do?

In case of such occurrences, first please contact your credit card provider to identify the problem. If the reason is not some additional bank charge or different exchange rate used, please contact us at your earliest convenience at our Call Centre or by submitting a claim int he ’Payment error’ cathegory.

Why do I see different amount charged on my credit/debit card than the final price on my booking confirmation?

If you pay by credit or debit card, your payment will be processed through an international card payment processing system. Where the final price is quoted by us in a currency other than EUR or GBP, you may find that the amount charged to your debit or credit card is different to (and may be greater than) the final price in our booking confirmation as a result of currency conversion differences arising in the international card payment processing system.


How can I add services to an existing booking via

Additional services can be purchased by clicking on the ADD SERVICES button once you are logged in and retrieved your booking. Wizz add-on services can be purchased up to 3 hours prior to departure time. Please note that travel insurance and bus transfer is provided by a third party, hence these services can be purchased up to 3 days prior to departure date. SMS confirmation is only available if a mobile phone number was provided at the time of booking.

I usually have problems with the legroom. Can I book a seat with more legroom?

Yes, passengers can book seats with extra legroom. For further details, please click here.

Whom should I contact regarding third party services?

We are only a mediator between the passengers and third party companies. Please contact them directly referring to your confirmation code and voucher number. The contact details can be found in the flight confirmation email received at the time of making the booking.


How can I book tickets for a group?

If you want to make a reservation for a group between 11 and 50 passengers and at least 15 days prior to departure you can search for flights and book online via You need to register or login to book groups.. If your departure date is within 14 days of booking or your group includes over 50 passengers, your request will be submitted and you will be notified by email within two working days when your seats are available to book on Please note that group ticket prices do not include baggage fee, airport check-in and other services. You will be able to select your flights and dates and submit your selection online. Please note that special promotions are not applicable to groups.

For more information please visit

When do I have to send the name of passengers?

Passengers’ names should be provided online via no later than 72 hours prior to departure. The names can only be provided once full payment has been received. Please ensure that you have received a final confirmation email (with the passengers’ names) before your travel, as the passenger name upload may not have been received by us and you might be required to pay Name Change fee for each passenger. If you have not received the email two working days prior to your departure date, please request it by contacting the Call Centre.


I booked yesterday but the fares are cheaper today. How can I claim back the difference?

Generally, the earlier you book and the lower the fare will be; however we reserve the right to introduce promotional prices between the date of your reservation and that of your travel (such promotion may affect the route for which you have a reservation made prior to the start date of such promotion). The introduction of promotional prices will not entitle you to claim the difference between the total fare paid by you for your reservation and the promotional total fare.

Does the airfare include the carriage of my baggage?

Any piece of baggage to be checked-in is subject to a fee, per bag, per flight and per passenger. Our aim is to ensure competitive fares where additional service options are available for additional fees only when needed.

How can I be notified of specials and promotional rates?

Promotional rates are offered for a limited number of seats on specific routes. For the latest updates, we encourage you to check our website and/or sign up for our Wizz Newsletters or for Wizz Discount Club membership.



How many baggages can I check in?

You can check in up to 6 pieces of baggage not exceeding 32 kilograms each. Each piece of baggage to be checked-in is subject to a baggage fee, payable per bag, per flight and per passenger. The first 3 pieces can be purchased online, the subsequent 3 at the airport. The number of bags to be checked-in must be indicated and paid during the booking process. Further pieces of baggage can be added at a later stage, either online or via the Call Centre. Additional pieces of checked-in baggage purchased at the airport will be subject to a higher baggage fee; the amount will depend on whether it is purchased at the check-in counter or we are forced to check-in an oversized or overweight hand baggage at the boarding gate.
If fewer pieces of baggage are checked-in, the baggage fee will not be refunded.

If you would like to preview the amount of the baggage fee for your journey you may also use the baggage fee calculator.

I already have a reservation. How can I buy additional pieces of baggage?

It is possible to add baggage to your booking through our website and our Call Centre.
Please note that if you purchase your baggage at the airport, you may be required to pay an additional fee at airport agent beyond the baggage fee . Exact info of the additional rates charged by the handling agent can be enquired from the airport

Can I get a refund of my unused checked baggage fee?

No. If passenger check in fewer pieces of baggage than had been paid for, the baggage fee will not be refunded.

I booked a large cabin bag but it turned out that I am flying with more belongings than previously planned. is it possible to upgrade to checked-in baggage?

With our new large cabin bag upgrade option you can select a checked-in bag instead of your previously purchased large cabin bag and you only need to pay for the difference in the fees. This modification can be done under your profile once you have logged in.

What should I do if my baggage has been damaged during the journey?

Please make sure that you complete a damage report upon your arrival, before leaving the transit area, then please arrange for your baggage to be repaired, obtain a receipt and we will cover the costs of the repair. If your baggage is beyond repair you shall obtain a written confirmation from the repair shop, including indication of the type and value of your baggage. You will be given a letter with instructions upon reporting the issue at the airport, please proceed accordingly.

What should I do if my baggage is lost?

Our Handling Agent will give you a report regarding the delay of your baggage which can be used for insurance/claim purposes if necessary. Please make sure that the value of your baggage is indicated in the report. You will be given a reference number which must be used in any correspondence you have with us. You will be given a letter with instructions upon reporting the issue at the airport, please proceed accordingly.


What are the dimensions of the hand baggage?

1. Small cabin bag:
-If your cabin baggage is of size 42x32x25cm or smaller it can be taken onboard free of charge. It must fit under the seat in front of you.

2. Large cabin bag:
If your cabin baggage is larger than the dimensions of a small cabin bag but not exceeding 56x45x25cm, you can take it onboard for a fee. It must fit in the overhead compartment. You must be able to place it in the overhead compartment unassisted.
Carriage of Large cabin baggage is subject to a higher fee in high season.

Can I carry a women's purse or my laptop bag apart from my hand baggage?

No. You can carry either one small, or one large cabin bag. Goods purchased at the airport after security will be allowed in the cabin for free!

Can I carry liquid in my cabin baggage?

Liquids in cabin baggage are subject to the following government-imposed restrictions:

  • The liquid is in a container with a maximum volume of 100ml
  • All liquid containers meeting the maximum volume of 100ml can be fitted comfortably into a transparent, re-sealable 1 litre plastic bag, measuring 20cmx20cm.
  • The plastic bag should be presented separately at security
You will be required to dispose of liquids which do not meet the above requirements at the airport security station.


How can I carry fragile items (e.g.: tools, appliances and kitchenware, clothes requiring special care) or items with unusual shape or size?

You are required to inform us about your intention to carry any of the above items at the time of reservation, through our Call Centre. You are entitled to carry such items only with our consent. Should you fail to report the carriage of the above mentioned items we may deny the carriage of those and/or we will not be liable for any loss, destruction, delay of and damage to such items.

How can I carry musical instrument?

Passengers who purchase a large cabin bag can bring a musical instrument case onboard which has a maximum length of 80cm. Other dimensions of the case must not exceed 45 x 25 cm. Examples of such instruments are violins, violas, flutes, clarinets, trumpets, ukuleles. In order to verify the size, the musical instrument case should be placed in the Large Cabin Bag sizer: width & depth must fit and height should be less than approximately 1,5 times the allowed height. Passenger should not have any other cabin bag apart from the small musical instrument. Once onboard, the musical instrument must be placed in the overhead locker.
Musical instruments that do not fit into the above dimensions must either be transported as checked-in hold baggage after paying the relevant fees or on aircraft seat after paying for the extra seat.

How can I carry my sporting equipment?

Carriage of sporting equipment is subject to a sporting equipment fee and must be indicated and paid for during the booking process. Damaged, fragile, bulky, inadequately packed, late check-in and oversized baggage will only be accepted for carriage with a "Limited Release” baggage tag and Wizz Air will not accept liability for such items. For the packaging requirements please read the Useful Information. Please note that the weight allowance is max 32 kg per equipment.

Can I carry my medicine in my checked baggage?

Your checked baggage must not contain medicine. However, you are allowed to carry medication that is required during the flight in your cabin baggage. Please see safety regulations for carrying liquid on board.

Can I carry my pet on Wizz Air flights?

Wizz Air does not carry live animals except for guide dogs travelling together with the passenger in need, holding the documents set out in the regulations of the Countries Affected by Carriage and complying the conditions of such regulations.

Can I carry Lithium batteries?

Whether a lithium battery can be carried by air or not depends on its configuration and either Watt-hour (Wh) rating (for rechargeable) or Lithium Content (LC) (for non-rechargeable).

As per ICAO Doc 9284, Technical Instructions, when carried by passengers for personal use, consumer electronic devices (watches, calculating machines, cameras, cellular phones, laptop computers, camcorders, etc.) containing lithium or lithium ion cells or batteries, the following must be ensured:

  • - Spare batteries must be individually protected so as to prevent short circuits (by placement in original retail packaging or by otherwise insulating terminals, e.g. by taping over exposed terminals or placing each battery in a separate plastic bag or protective pouch) and carried in cabin baggage only. Spare batteries must not be placed in checked-in baggage!
  • - In addition, each installed or spare battery must not exceed the following:
  • - for lithium metal or lithium alloy batteries, a lithium content of not more than 2 grams; or
  • - for lithium ion batteries, a watt-hour rating of not more than 100 Wh.
  • - Lithium ion batteries exceeding a watt-hour rating of 100 Wh but not exceeding 160 Wh may be carried as spare batteries or in equipment in cabin baggage only and only after approval of Wizz Air. No more than two (2) individually protected spare batteries with watt-hour rating between 100 and 160Wh may be carried per person. Please contact our Call Centre to obtain approval.
Watt-hour (Wh)
or lithium content
Configuration In cabin baggage In checked-in baggage Operator’s approval
100Wh (2g)In the equipmentYesYesNO
Spare / replacement Yes
(no limit)
Between 100 and 160 WhIn the equipmentYesYesYes
Spare / replacement Yes
(max 2)
Over 160 WhNot acceptable for carriage on Wizz Air

Note: regular laptop lithium ion battery has a capacity of approximately 53 Wh



I tried to check in online but it does not work. What shall I do?

Web check-in is available from 30 days up to 3 hours before the scheduled flight departure time of the flight. If not, you can check-in at the airport free of charge. In any other cases please contact our Call Centre or download our mobile application and proceed with mobile check-in not later than 3 hour prior to departure time.
For more information please read our online check-in guide.

I have booked an extra seat for my cello. Can I check-in online?

Yes. You should check in your cello with the same travel documents’ details as yours.

Can I make changes to my reservation or purchase services after online check-in?

After checking-in online it is possible to add additional services to your reservation. Please note that in case of adding Priority Boarding or Seat Selection to the reservation you need to
- reprint the boarding card
- proceed to the check in desk at the airport to receive a sticker reflecting the changes on the existing boarding card.

After online check-in, it is possible to make flight and name changes online or via the Call Centre up to 4 hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight. You will be required to pay a change fee. Please note, that in case of flight change or name change after online check-in you need to check in again and reprint boarding pass.

Do I need to check-in my baby?

Yes. Passengers travelling with an infant must print and present the infant’s boarding card at the boarding gate.

How can I check in my baggage at the airport when I have already checked in online?

If you travel with checked-in baggage you must present yourself at the baggage drop desk no later than 40 minutes prior to the departure of your flight. If you cannot present your printed boarding card, you will be required to pay an airport check-in fee to have your boarding card printed at the check-in desk.At some airports the check-in desks function as baggage drop desks as well.

I did not have to provide any travel document details during online check-in. why?

If you are travelling within the Schengen area you don’t need to fill in your travel documents’ details, but simply complete the web check-in procedure.


Do I have to pay for airport check-in?

If the web check-in service is not yet available from your departure airport, airport check-in will be free until the service becomes available. Airport check-in can be purchased at the time of booking or at a later stage using the "Add Services" option in ‘myWizz ’ account or via the Call Centre. Airport check-in is subject to a fee payable per passenger and per flight. Airport check-in purchased at the airport is subject to a higher fee.

What happens at the check-in desk?

The check-in agent will ask you to prove your identity, present your confirmation code and valid travel documents. Your checked baggage will be weighed and sent to the aircraft’s baggage hold. Finally your boarding card will be issued.

Do I have to print out the itinerary and submit it during check-in?



What documents do I need to travel with Wizz Air?

Wizz Air requires all passengers to provide necessary, valid travel documents at check-in and to comply with the requirements of the country flown from, through or into. Wizz Air will not be held liable for any subsequent associated costs should the passenger be refused entry to a country due to the lack of correct passport or visa. For the most accurate information about visa requirements please contact the embassies or consulates of the countries you would like to visit.

My passport will be expired before my return flight. What shall I do?

If you do not hold a confirmed reservation yet we highly recommend to book your inbound and outbound flights in two separate reservations. In this case you are able to use different valid travel documents when checking in. In case you already have a confirmed reservation please contact our Call Centre.


How can I select or change my seat?

When booking, seats are automatically assigned for you free of charge and displayed on the seat map. It is possible to change the pre-assigned seats for a fee by selecting different seats for all passengers in the booking. This can be performed in the Seat Selection step. The selected seat numbers and respective prices are always shown in the Payment Summary box.

Seats can be changed for a fee:

  • - During the booking, in the Seat Selection step
  • - During Check-in on or via the App
  • - Using “Add services” for existing bookings up to 3 hours prior departure online or via the App
  • - Via the Call Centre
  • - At the Airport

For detailed fees please click here.

How can I select my seat online?

When booking, seats are automatically assigned for you free of charge. It is possible to select different seats in the Services step for an additional fee.

For existing bookings seats can be modified by using “Add services” in FIND BOOKINGS after log-in.

When making a group booking, seats will be assigned for free automatically to all passengers. These can be changed for an additional fee later on by the lead booker or by the individual passengers when their names have been added, or during check-in.

Can I select any seat?

You will be able to select any seat on the aircraft, naturally subject to availability and safety restrictions: window or aisle, in the front, back or middle of the cabin.

Front and Upfront seats are located in the front of the aircraft and allow you to be among the first to exit the aircraft upon landing.
Extra Legroom seats have more leg space for a more comfortable journey.

For safety reasons, passengers listed below are NOT eligible to be seated in an emergency exit row or a Front row:

  • • passengers under 18 years old
  • • excessively overweight passengers
  • • passengers requiring special assistance
  • • pregnant passengers
  • • passengers travelling with infants (under 2 years old)

Can I book a flight without selecting a seat?

Yes, but you will need to accept the seat assigned by Wizz Air, at no additional cost, during the booking process or check-in.

When can I check in online after the introduction of seat assignment?

Check-in is enabled from 30 days prior to scheduled departure of the flight. The assigned seat number will be printed on your Boarding Card and be displayed on your Mobile Boarding Pass.
Passengers requiring special assistance must contact the Call Centre before online check-in.
If you modify your seat selection after check-in, please reprint your Boarding Card.

Mobile Boarding Pass

Mobile Boarding Pass

I have a booked a flight through a travel agent. How can I select my seat?

Please check your assigned seat number during check-in for your flight on

I already paid for the selected seat. Can I modify my seat?

Seat selection can be modified up to 3 hours prior to departure online or via the Mobile App, using “Add services” in MY BOOKING after log-in; or via the Call Centre or at the airport before Check-in desk closing (40 minutes before scheduled departure) by paying the respective fee.

In case of airport check-in, can I select from seats still available?

If a seat has not been automatically assigned for you, (e.g. your flight had free seating at the time of booking) the agent at the airport will assign the seats for you. You can upgrade to different seats by paying the respective fee at the check-in desk.

Can I purchase a seat (reservation) at the airport?

Yes, you can select a seat instead of the pre-assigned seat at the airport. For detailed fees, please refer to Service fees.

Can I change my seat selection after I have checked-in?

Seat selection can be modified up to 3 hours prior to departure online or via the Mobile App, using “Add services” in MY BOOKINGS after log in; or via the Call Centre or at the airport before Check-in desk closing (40 minutes before scheduled departure) by paying the respective fee. Please note you may only change your seat once after you have checked-in.

If you modify your seat selection after check-in, please reprint your Boarding Card.
If you hold a Privilege Pass – subject to availability - you can select any seats, including Front Row, Upfront and Extra Legroom seats if you comply with the applicable conditions related to those seats.

How many times can I change my seat selection?

Seat selection can be modified an unlimited number of times up to 3 hours prior to departure online or via the Mobile App, using “Add services” in MY BOOKINGS after log-in; or via the Call Centre or at the airport before Check-in desk closing (40 minutes before scheduled departure) by paying the respective fee. After you have checked-in you may only change your seats once.

If you hold a Privilege Pass – subject to availability - you can select any seats, including Front Row, Upfront and Extra Legroom seats if you comply with the applicable conditions related to those seats.

How do I select the right seats for my family?

We aim to seat passengers who are part of the same booking and who have not selected seats other than the pre-allocated ones together, however this is not guaranteed. Please note that there are some seats not suitable for infants or children, so please make sure that you chose the right passenger type for infants and children in the booking before check-in. Please note that you may be requested for operational or safety reasons to change your seat.

How can I ensure I sit with my friend or colleague if we are booked separately?

You can change the seat and choose to sit together during check-in for an additional fee. It is advised that you purchase the new selected seats together.

Flight change

My flight was changed by the airline. What happens to the assigned seats?

  • 1. If there is a time change (same day, but different departure time): your seat reservation will remain the same, no additional actions are needed on your part;
  • 2. If the flight has been modified due to schedule change (different day of departure) and you have already paid for your seats:

Please log in to, retrieve your booking and select ‘Add services’, where you can

  • - select seats of the same value or cheaper
  • - choose more expensive seats. In this case you will just need to pay the difference in price between the two seats

If you select seats with a value lower than your balance, please contact our Call Centre for a refund.

I changed my flight. What happens to the assigned seats?

If you chose to change your flight and /or seats and you have already paid for your seats: the fee you paid for the selected seats is non-refundable.

You can either

  • - accept the seats assigned by us during the change process, at no additional charge
  • - select seats of the same value or cheaper
  • - choose more expensive seats. In this case you will just need to pay the difference in price between the two seats.

If you accept the assigned seats, or if you select seats with a value lower than your balance, the remainder of the balance can be used for any other service but will not be refunded.

Comfort services and Privilege Pass

Can I purchase Extra Legroom seats or Reserved seats as a separate service?

No. After the introduction of assigned seating, seats previously called Extra Legroom seats or Reserved seats can be selected during the booking process in the Seat Selection step.

Can I purchase Priority Boarding separately?

Yes. After the introduction of assigned seating, Priority Boarding will still be available for passengers who wish to minimize queuing time at boarding and be among the first to enter the aircraft .

I purchased Privilege Pass. Does assigned seating
affect the Priority Boarding included?

Yes, but in a positive way, as we have added seat selection for Privilege Pass holders free of charge. You are entitled to select any seat including Front Row, Upfront and Extra Legroom seats if you comply with the applicable conditions.


How does the boarding process work with assigned seating?

Passengers who have purchased:

  • - Priority Boarding
  • - Priority Pass

as well as passengers travelling with infants are requested to come forward to board the aircraft first.
Passengers requiring special assistance board next.
All other passengers board afterwards.

When does boarding start with assigned seating?

You are required to be present at the gate at least 30 minutes before flight departure time.

Where are my seats located on the aircraft?

You can check the location of your seat on the Seat map. To help us keep on-time departure please use:

  • - front door if you are seated in Rows 1-15 and
  • - rear door if you are seated in Rows 16-30


What Kind of electronic devices can i use during the flight?

Passengers are allowed to use Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs) such as mobile phones, electronic readers and tablet computers, on all Wizz Air flights. In conformity with the relevant regulations you can use of such devices when operated in flight mode during any phase of the flight. Passengers are asked to remove headphones during the safety announcements of the cabin crew and switch off electronic devices when the crew cannot confirm that these are operating in flight mode and match the criteria for usage during the flight. Larger electronic devices which could lead to injuries, such as laptops, will need to be stored for take-off and landing.

I left my belongings on board. Who should I contact?

Please immediately contact the lost & found offices at both of the departure and arrival airports.

What kind of meals do you provide?

A few minutes after take-off Wizz Café and Wizz Boutique services will be started. During the service you'll be offered a wide selection of products ranging from hot drinks to gifts and accessories. If you would like to check full selection of Wizz Café and Wizz Boutique, please click here .



How can I register?

For registration please visit and click on "register".

I cannot access my WIZZ Profile. Why can’t I log in?

It is possible that you have registered in the past and there are more existing WIZZ Accounts with the same e-mail address that block each other. In this case please contact our Call Centre and they can merge these accounts into one.

I have forgotten my password. What shall I do?

Please go to and click ’Hint’ below the log-in field. You have to provide your registered e-mail address in order to receive a password reminder. There is no need to contact the Call Centre because they cannot provide you this information due to security reasons.

I cannot find my booking under my account. Why?

Possibly you were logged in with a different profile during the booking process. Please contact our Call Centre.

What shall I do if I have made a mistake during registration?

You can correct the mistakes if you log in and click on ’Update my Personal Data’ except the name, title and log-in e-mail. These details can be corrected only via our Call Centre.

Why I did not receive an invoice of my booking?

Please note if you made your booking from your WIZZ Account balance no invoice will be created. In other cases please contact our Call Centre.


What is Wizz Account Refill?

WIZZ Account refill allows you to credit money to your WIZZ Account and it is specially targeted to frequent flyers. You can use your balance to book any seat or ancillary service with Wizz Air - including promotional seats. After registering with you receive the 10-digit long WIZZ Account number. For more information please read the Terms and Conditions of Wizz Account.

How to load money into the Wizz Account?

WIZZ Accounts can be refilled either through our Call Centre or by converting points earned on Wizz co-branded credit cards (like the Wizz Erste joint bank card in Hungary). Please note that WIZZ Account balances refilled with points converted from Wizz co-branded credit cards may be subject to expiry dates, in accordance with your agreement with the card issuer.

- WIZZ Discount Club

What is Wizz Discount Club?

Wizz Discount Club offers you exclusive access to promotional tickets that can be cheaper by up to 10 EUR per one way flight than regular prices. Please note that Wizz Discount Club promotional tickets are subject to availability. For actual discounts and availability please always check or call our Call Centre.
The Wizz Discount Club fares are applicable to the accompanying passengers only in case the Club member is a traveller in the booking and the booking does not exceed 10 passengers (including the Club member and children but excluding infants). If the Club member is not travelling in the same reservation the discounted fares are not available to the other passengers. The number of seats at the indicated Wizz Discount Club price is subject to availability.

How can I purchase Wizz Discount Club membership?

Please follow these easy steps:

1. Log in to your Wizz Air Profile. If you are not registered with Wizz Air register here providing your personal details and email address.
If you do not want to miss out on special deals and offers, please do not forget to sign up to the Wizz Newsletter!
2. Select the flights you wish to book.
3. Click the “Join the Club” button to add the annual Wizz Discount Club membership fee to your booking. If the “Join the Club” button does not display automatically, please click the Information icon next to the Wizz Discount Club price for the selected flight.
4. Complete the booking by filling out the contact details and finishing payment. Your Wizz Discount Club membership will be activated for one year calculated from the day of the purchase.
5. Anytime you would like to book at discounted Club fares please log in to you “myWIZZ” profile with your email address and password. After login you will be able to view your account information, like your recent bookings or the Wizz Discount Club membership expiration date.

To read terms and conditions of Wizz Discount Club click here.



How can I contact your Call Centre?

See the contact us page for detailed information and phone numbers.

I cannot contact your Call Centre. Is the number valid?

Wizz Air’s Call Centre is accessible through premium rate numbers. We have a separate number for each country where we operate. Premium numbers can only be called from within the country. Access to premium rate numbers may be blocked from certain lines, if in doubt please contact your service provider.


How can I submit a claim?

Please fill the claim form and pay special attention to select the relevant category.