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This document is to provide guidance in relation to the electronic invoices issued for Wizz Air Hungary flight tickets.

The information entered into the fields on the „Contact Info‟ page of the website will serve as the basis of the invoice preparation by Wizz Air Hungary. This information (name, address, tax number - if needed) determines who will appear as the Customer on the invoice. Please note that once you closed your reservation process, we can only make a change in this information against an ‘Invoice Change Fee’ for EUR 5 or equivalent. Therefore, you should decide already at the time of making your reservation whether your trip will be paid by your company. In this case, please fill the company details still during the reservation process, so that the invoice can be issued to the name of your company.


  • If your travel is a private travel then please insert your personal details to the name and address fields on the „Contact info‟ page, and the invoice will be issued to your name and address.
  • If you are a registered user at Wizz Air then the contact data will be automatically filled with the data you submitted during your registration. You can still amend any data at the „Contact info‟ page during the reservation process if necessary.


  • If the cost of your travel will be paid by a company, then you need to click on the “I request invoice for a different address” tick box. If the tick box is ticked you are able to insert the name, address and tax number (optionally) of the company. Once you did this we will use these - any only these - data for the reservation and the invoice will be issued using these data.
  • Please note that we can print maximum 45 characters into the “Company name” field of the invoice, so please abbreviate your company name if it is longer than 45 characters.

Whoever is the customer (you or your company), please do not enter address information into the "Company name" and "Company tax number" fields! Also, please do not enter City / Post Code / Country information into the "Street address for mailing/billing" field - there are separate dedicated fields for City/ Post Code/ Country information!

Although it is offered for all passengers to pay in currencies other than the currency of the reservation, the invoice will be issued in the original currency of the reservation (i.e. not in the payment currency).

We can issue only one invoice for one reservation - we cannot split reservations for invoicing purposes. If you will need two ore more invoices issued to two or more travellers‟ (or to their companies‟) names, then you need to create a separate reservation for each. However, any subsequent modifications to the reservation (eg. purchase of additional services) will be invoiced separately.

If you want to change billing details (name, address, tax number) after having closed the reservation, we can only make such changes against a fee of 5 EUR per modification. Please request such changes at our Call Center, six months after the flight date at the latest – no change will be possible after that.

Wizz Air Hungary sends an electronic invoice for every booking to the e-mail address provided in the reservation. The electronic invoice is sent to the customer‟s email address from the e-mail address.

If for any reason you need a paper copy of the invoice please request it from our Call Centre. The fee for creating and sending a paper invoice is 3 EUR or equivalent. In case you requested a paper copy of the invoice to be sent to you, but you have not received it within 2-3 weeks, please inform our Call Centre. The latest you can request an invoice is six months after the flight date.

Please be informed that Wizz Air will issue an invoice only for the value of the flight ticket. If you require a receipt or invoice for other services that were paid by you together with the flight ticket but are not performed by Wizz Air (e.g. travel insurance, bus or taxi transfer, airport handling) then please contact the service providers directly. Please find contact info to these service providers on our webpage in the Info/Services session.

Please be also informed Wizz Air will issue invoice to you only for those flight tickets that you purchased directly from us. If you have made your reservation at a travel agency then the flight ticket invoice will have to be issued to you by the travel agent.

In case of any issues with the invoice, there are two ways to handle the request:

  • Submission via internet: (by selecting „Invoice requests‟ at the subject field)
  • Or contact the Wizz Air Call Center by phone as indicated on the website ( .Please be aware that contacting the Call Center is subject to additional charges as published on our website.

We aim to handle your request and feed back to you within 30 days from the receipt of your claim.


Wizz Air Hungary issues electronic invoices and sends these to its customers in e-mail.

The PDF file attached to the email is the electronic original invoice issued by Wizz Air Hungary. Based on the relevant Hungarian legal regulations (2001/XXXV Act on Electronic Signature; 2000/C Act on Accounting; 46/2007. Finance Ministry decree) a company is allowed to issue its invoices also in electronic form.

The electronic invoice is a file of special format which contains the image of the traditional invoices issued by Wizz Air Hungary as a PDF document (complying with the Hungarian invoice format requirements as specified in the 2007/CXXVII VAT Act) and (inside the PDF file) the advanced electronic signature and timestamp of the invoice created with PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) technology, in line with the Hungarian regulations mentioned above.

The signature is made on behalf of Wizz Air Hungary and is equipped with the "qualified business certificate" of a qualified certifier engaged for this by Wizz Air Hungary. The electronic invoice file includes all the information necessary to validate the certificate attached to the signature and the time stamp of the invoice.

The recipient is obliged to store the electronic invoice in electronic format, similarly to the paper invoices, if the invoice is used for bookkeeping purposes.

In order to access, verify the origin and the authenticity of the electronic invoice, you need to install Adobe Reader 9 or any newer version.
Please contact your system administrator may issues arise in terms of such install.