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1. Definitions

Baggage Fee means the fee payable by the passenger for each piece of Checked Baggage as defined on

WIZZ Reserved Seat means the service which ensures that the passenger can sit on a seat in the first 2 rows of the cabin. Use of this service is subject to certain restrictions which can be checked on

WIZZ Reserved Seat Fee means the fee payable by the passenger for WIZZ Reserved Seat as defined on

Large Cabin Bag means one piece of Unchecked Baggage passengers are allowed to take with them onboard as defined in Wizz Air’s Baggage Allowance policy on

Large Cabin Bag Fee means the fee payable by the passenger for each piece of Large Cabin Bag as defined on

Member means the person using Wizz Air's passenger transport services and whose name is given as member of the Wizz Privilege Pass during the course of purchase of the Wizz Privilege Pass.

Wizz Air means Wizz Air Hungary Ltd.

WIZZ Privilege Pass means a twelve-month membership program which entitles the Member to add priority boarding and Large Cabin Bag to flight reservation for a flight operated by Wizz Air without being charged with Priority Boarding Fee or Large Cabin Bag Fee.

Wizz Xpress Priority Boarding means the service which enables the passengers for priority boarding onto the aircraft.

WIZZ XXLong Extra Legroom means the service which enables the passenger to sit in one of the most comfortable seats in the aircraft in the emergency exit rows. Use of this service is subject to certain restrictions which can be checked on

2. Purchase of WIZZ Privilege Pass, Member’s rights

2.1.  Member may purchase the WIZZ Privilege Pass
-       with online booking together with paying the fee for WIZZ Privilege Pass; or
-       or separately on

2.2.  During the purchase of WIZZ Privilege Pass, Member will be charged an annual fee.

2.3.  WIZZ Priory Pass fee is subject to change by Wizz Air at any time and without notice to the Member. Any increase in the annual fee will take effect upon renewal of the WIZZ Privilege Pass.

2.4.  Members will not be entitled to any refund of any membership fees upon cancellation of WIZZ Privilege Pass.

2.5.  WIZZ Privilege Pass is associated only with the Member indicated as member of the WIZZ Privilege Pass during the purchase process of the Wizz Privilege Pass. The Member is entitled to use WIZZ Privilege Pass only during its own flight reservations (i.e. Member shall be indicated as passenger during the course of the booking for which he/she would like to benefit from the membership of WIZZ Privilege Pass).

2.6.  The Member may choose to upgrade WIZZ Xpress Priority Boarding to either WIZZ XXLong Extra Legroom or to WIZZ Reserved Seat and in that case, in respect of the given booking the Member shall only pay the difference between the Wizz Xpress Priority boarding Fee and WIZZ XXLong Extra Legroom Fee or WIZZ Reserved Seat Fee (respectively).

2.7. The Member cannot upgrade the free Large Cabin Bag to a Checked Baggage through “add service” in the “my bookings”, “bookings” or “check-in” sections.

3. Validity of WIZZ Privilege Pass

3.1.  The term of WIZZ Privilege Pass is a period of twelve consecutive months commencing on the day of its purchase (i.e. payment of the fee for the WIZZ Privilege Pass) (commencement date) and ending on the day (inclusive) before the successive anniversary of the commencement date.

4. Miscellaneous

4.1.  Membership is not available for children under age of 14 years.

4.2.  WIZZ Privilege Pass is not valid for flights operated by Wizz Air Ukraine Airlines LLC.

4.3.  WIZZ Privilege Pass is not transferable; change of the name of the Member of a given WIZZ Privilege Pass is not possible. Members must promptly notify Wizz Air upon becoming aware of any unauthorized use of their WIZZ Privilege Pass.

4.4.  Members may not purchase tickets by using their WIZZ Privilege Pass for resale. Change in name of passengers in a given reservation is also not possible, if WIZZ Privilege Pass was used for the reservation. WIZZ Privilege Pass benefits are also applicable on the new flight in case of voluntary flight change or schedule change by WIZZ Air.

4.5.  Except as specified in the present Terms and Conditions, the services purchased from WIZZ Air shall be subject to the General Conditions of Carriage of Wizz Air. Unless contrary indication appears term defined in the General Conditions of Carriage of WIZZ Air have the same meaning in this Terms and Conditions.

4.6.  Wizz Air expressly forbids WIZZ Privilege Pass being offered for commercial purposes by you or a third party, especially on internet auctions or other web-based platforms.

4.7.  This offer is effective until withdrawal. Customer declares that he/she acknowledges the terms of the present Terms and Conditions.

4.8.  Wizz Air reserves the right of amendment these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. WIZZ Air shall inform all Members of such amendments on its website (

4.9.  Wizz Air shall not be liable for any damages arising from any kind of misuse of the WIZZ Privilege Pass or from its loss or disclosure to anyone.

4.10. This Terms and Conditions shall be construed and take effect in all respects in accordance with the laws of Hungary. Disputes arising out of the present contract shall be primarily settled through discussions between the parties.

Effective from 18 December 2013