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WIZZ Credit Card

WIZZ Credit Card Hungary

Shop with Wizz Air Credit Card and each forint you spend will take you closer to your destination!

If you shop with your Wizz Air Credit Card issued by Erste Bank Hungary you receive points. You may redeem and use the collected points for buying air tickets and other services (airport fee, luggage fee, etc.) at Wizz Air.

APR: 39,40%

Why to apply for a Wizz Air Credit Card?

Because the Wizz Air Credit Card gives you freedom to buy

A customized credit line granted by Erste Bank Hungary is connected to the Wizz Air Credit Card that you can use at any time for any purpose by the help of the card and make payments afterwards:

  • daily shopping in supermarkets, clothing shops, DIY stores, drug stores, fuel stations, restaurants and in any shop where MasterCards are accepted.
  • purchase of Wizz Air air ticket and other Wizz Air services,
  • unexpected expenditures,
  • purchase of expensive consumption goods.

Because you can use the Wizz Air Credit Card all over the world

The Wizz Air Credit Card is an embossed card that you can use for free-of-charge purchases in Hungary and abroad everywhere where MasterCard cards are accepted. Wizz Air Credit Card can be of use to you abroad: it is ideal when you rent a car or pay for hotel. You can subsequently settle your foreign expenditures in Hungary in forint. Your credit line is replenished with the repaid amounts and you can use it repeatedly.

Because you can withdraw cash at any time

The Wizz Air Credit Card is mainly intended for purchases but it can be used for cash withdrawal too. You can withdraw cash from several thousands of ATMs in Hungary and several hundred thousands of ATMs all over the world1.

(1) The bank charges fee on cash withdrawal with credit card according to the actual Public Notes and interest is also charged and calculated from the day of transaction.

Because the Wizz Air Credit Card is more than a usual credit card

  • You collect points upon your purchases: anywhere you do shopping (in supermarkets, at fuel stations, etc.) you receive points on purchase. You only need to settle the invoice of the purchase with Wizz Air Credit Card!
  • 2 points are credited to your point collection account on each 100 forints you spent on purchase.
  • If you buy Wizz Air services (e.g. air ticket, luggage fees, etc.) with your Wizz Air Credit Card on Wizz Air’s home page (wizzair.com) or via hot-line customer support, 4 points will be credited to your account on each 100 forints you spent.
  • Moreover, if you apply for Wizz Air Credit Card main card and your application is approved by the bank, we contribute to your next flight with 10 000 HUF in the form of crediting you with 10 000 welcome points. 2

(2) Welcome points are credited on the point collection account linked to the Wizz Air Credit Card on the day of the opening of the credit card account. In case of applying for supplementary card the bank doesn’t provide welcome points. Additional provisions for the welcome points – for the case of the cancellation of the credit card account – are included in the Point Collection Terms&Conditions.

The primary card holder may redeem and use the collected points for Wizz Air services.

  • It is an important advantage of the Wizz Air Credit Card that the collected points can be used for other Wizz Air services (e.g. airport fee, luggage fees) in addition to buying air ticket. All kinds of Wizz Air services can be paid by the collected points that can be bought on Wizz Air’s home page (wizzair.com) or upon reservation through the hot-line service.
  • In addition, you need not collect as many points as necessary to buy an air ticket. Partial amount can also be paid by the points collected.
  • Each point collected has an equivalent forint value, i.e. 1 point = 1 forint.
  • The points that can actually be collected as well as the details of point collection and redeeming rules are included in the Point Collection Conditions.

The example below shows how quickly you can fly with Wizz Air if you use your Wizz Air Credit Card for purchase

Total value of purchases with credit card in 1 month Number of points collected in the first 12 months (= forint value)

Total value of purchases with credit card in 1 monthNumber of points collected in the first 12 months (= forint value)
30 000 forint17 200
50 000 forint22 000
70 000 forint26 800
90 000 forint31 600

The points in the above table were calculated under the assumption that

  • the card holder used the card for purchase each month in the value listed in the first column,
  • the main card holder was credited with 10 000 welcome points.
  • no Wizz Air services were bought. If you also buy Wizz Air services with card, the new fly can be reached in a much easier way.

The primary card holder may view the collected points on the monthly credit card statement or via Erste NetBank.

Because it is worth applying for Wizz Air Credit Card just now!

  • In addition, if you have a Wizz Air Credit Card main card you  get WIZZ Discount Club Group membership for free. WIZZ Discount Club group membership offers  guaranteed minimum discount of €10 on each flight on all fares* from €19.99, anytime during your membership for you and up to 5 of your travel companions. Moreover you can enjoy €5 saving on each large cabin bag and checked-in baggage purchased online.

  • APR (Annual Percentage Rate): 39,40%.

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) was determined according to the actual conditions and in compliance with the relevant mandatory rules; changes in the conditions may result in changes in the value of APR. The APR does not reflect the loan’s interest risk.

Because it is your flexible partner in financial issues

Flexible repayments:

  • An account statement is prepared on the details of your debt on the same day of each month, on the billing day. Your payments have to be credited on your credit card within the 15-day grace period after this date.
  • You may repay your debt in instalments or in one sum. If you choose instalment repayment, it is enough to repay the minimum amount indicated in the account statement till the due date of payment and you can freely decide on the repayment schedule of the remaining amount. In this case you have to pay interest determined in the Public Notes. The amount of the loan interest is calculated on the period from the transaction’s debit day to the date of repayment.
  • If you decide to repay the full amount of the debt existed on the monthly billing day(3) within 15 calendar days, the bank does not charge interest on your purchases in the period between the monthly settlement day and the settlement day in the previous month.

(3) The 10th day of each month is the billing day. If this falls on holiday, the first day thereafter is the billing day. The full debt is the sum of principal amounts of purchases and cash withdrawals, the interests, default interests and fees.

Because you may use the TeleBank services free of charge

In this case the bank (among others)

  • sends an SMS on the repaid instalments on the settlement day and
  • sends an SMS on the transactions (e.g. purchase, cash withdrawal from ATM, etc.).

Because you can travel more safely with Wizz Air Credit Card

Accident, health and luggage insurance as well as assistance service is connected free of charge to your Wizz Air Credit Card for your foreign trips.

Because you can apply for 4 supplementary cards to your primary card

You can share the advantages of the Wizz Air Credit Card and the freedom of purchases with your family members and relatives; points will also be credited to the primary card holder on the purchases of the supplementary card holders. The primary card holder and the supplementary card holder use the same credit line.

Amount of the credit line that can be used:

  • Minimum: 140 000 HUF
  • Maximum: 2 000 000 HUF, but it cannot be more than the triple the average of the monthly net income.

In the framework of credit evaluation, the bank determines the maximum of the credit line; you can freely choose your own credit line within this maximum value.

Click here to get more information about the conditions of the Wizz Air credit card application. The documents to be submitted are available on Erste Bank's website.

You may submit your application at any Erste Bank Hungary branch.

This information is not complete and does not mean an official offer. Detailed conditions and the general terms of the contract are included in the relevant Public Notes of Erste Bank Hungary and in the actual document "Retail Credit Cards Terms and Conditions". These documents can be found in Erste Bank Hungary branches and on the bank’s home page: www.erstebank.hu



Smart travel!

If you enjoy planning the next trip and you always look for the best offers on the market, we have the perfect solution for you: WIZZ Bancpost credit card .

and take off!

Smart travel

  • • Free access to Wizz Group Discount Club: 90 Lei discount/flight, for you and 5 friends;
    • Free access to MasterCard Business Lounge - Henri Coanda Airport and Jet Lounge – Vienna Airport;
    • Shopping means loyalty points , which redeem to Wizz Air plane tickets discounts;
    • 2500 points/year for the first purchase you make on wizzair.com.

  • Shopping benefits

  • • Up to 55 days grace period with zero interest rate, for full payment shopping;
    • E-statement;
    • Free SMS alert service;
    • ZERO commissioning for POS payment, anywhere in the world.

  • MasterCard World® Benefits

  • • 25% discount through MasterCard Premium;
    • Exclusive discounts in your favorite cities via MasterCard Priceless Cities.

  • Free interest rate installments anywhere

    Installments Anywhere program is specially designed so that you can enjoy any offer, whenever you cross by it

    No matter from where you want to buy the things you needs, from a local shop, a mall or online, from Romania or abroad, you can split any transaction in up to 6 interest rate installments.

    How does it work?

    Simple! For any shopping bigger than 200 Lei you make, we send you an SMS* informing you that you can split

    You have 3 days from the day you made the transaction to decide if you want to convert the payment in installments or not and to call us or reply us to the SMS we’ve sent you.

    and take off!

    Shop&Travel Program

    Through the Shop & Travel loyalty program, if you follow the 3 simple steps described below you earn points that turn into credit directly into wizzair.com account.

    You get points for every transaction made with your card every time you go shopping, in stores or even online.

    STEP 1:

    Take your new WIZZ Bancpost credit card and use it for your everyday shopping.

    STEP 2:

    Accumulate at least 2,000 points, call Customer Service Bancpost (021 308 4557 – normal charges apply) and transform them into credit on your wizzair.com account.

    STEP 3:

    Use the earned credit to buy anything you want on wizzair.com:
    • Tickets
    • Baggage charge
    • Priority boarding services
    • And any other Wizz Air service bought during the booking process, except renting car services.

    You can find out at any time how many points you have accumulated and how much you can immediately convert into credit into your wizzair.com account by electronic account statement or by calling Customer Service Bancpost (tel: 021 308 4557).

    and take off!

    Even more benefits!

    Fraud prevention warning for your security, all transactions are monitored based on your individual payment history. If we notice any suspicious transaction we’ll contact you by telephone to confirm the transaction in question.

    Only 3.5% monthly payment Enjoy the financial flexibility offered by the credit limit and you can choose the amount to be repaid monthly, between the minimum requested payment of 3.5% from the used amount and the total used amount.

    Automatic direct debit You can benefit from a seamless experience with the new direct debit facility from Bancpost. At every monthly due date the payment is made automatically from your current account opened at Bancpost. This service can be activated by calling Customer Service at 021.308.45.57.

    Easy to use, easy to repay You will benefit from the most accessible payment methods: non-stop cash deposit at any Bancpost Payments Express, direct debit, from any current account opened at any bank.

    and take off!

    DAE for a WIZZ Bancpost World MasterCard credit card is 31.45% per year, for a total amount of credit of 5.367 Lei, calculated over a period of one year, considering the variable interest rate for purchases of 26% per year, issuing fee 0 Lei and annual management fee of 45 Lei. The total amount payable is 6.198 Lei

    WIZZ Bancpost card is a Bancpost S.A. product. All details available on www.bancpost.ro For complete terms and conditions regarding „Shop&Travel” program please access www.bancpost.ro

    Installments anywhere program applies only for shopping bigger than 200 Lei. For complete details, please see www.bancpost.ro, Retail Banking section


    Wizz Air Polska
    credit card

    Wizz Air MasterCard credit card

    Pay with your Wizz Air MasterCard credit card issued by Raiffeisen Polbank, collect points and enjoy free trips!

    For purchases made using the card you will get points, thanks to which you will:
    buy cheaper tickets,

    pay for luggage,

    buy extra services offered by Wizz Air (excluding car rental).

    Check out what you can get thanks to the Wizz Air MasterCard credit card:
    1 point for every PLN 5 spent,

    2 points for every PLN 5 spent on wizzair.com website,

    500 points to start with for the first transaction for which points are awarded,

    PLN 0 for membership in the WIZZ Discount Club worth PLN 229, guaranteeing a PLN 45 discount for every flight ticket from PLN 99

    Moreover, points will also be awarded for transactions made using additional cards!

    See how quickly you may gather funds to pay for your trip!

    By concluding transactions on the wizzair.com website you will collect points even faster!
    You will also save PLN 229 thanks to free membership in the WIZZ Discount Club and PLN 45 PLN each time you purchase a ticket from PLN 99.

    How to pay less thanks to points?

    You may transfer the points collected with the card to the Wizz Account by calling the Raiffeisen Polbank Call Center at +48 22 549 99 99 or 801 180 801. For every 10 points collected you will receive PLN 1.

    The credit card will also give you the following benefits:

    Interest-free credit – pay for everything within the limit awarded to you, you have up to 56 days interest free,

    Instalments on the card – the instalment credit on the card will allow you to spread larger purchases into instalments which you can conveniently repay,

    Transfer from the card – you may transfer funds from the credit card account to any other account at any time and to take advantage of the interest-free period,

    SMS service – no matter where you are, you will receive text messages about every transaction made and about the approaching payment deadline,

    PayPass minicard – thanks to this card you will be able to pay even faster for small purchases without spending your change, without a traditional card, without a signature,

    R-Online Internet banking and Mobile Bank application – electronic banking will provide you continuous access to the card’s account.

    How to order the card?

    It’s easy – you don’t have to leave your home! Just fill out a form and... that's it.

    Detailed rules of the credit card Wizz Air MasterCard can be found in the “Rules of the Wizz Air Loyalty Program” available at kartawizz.pl.